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Atsuro Kihara [AT-LOW] ([personal profile] babel_hacker) wrote2013-08-04 12:35 pm

Day 38 - [Video] | [Action] at Pewter & Route 3

[So, the museum’s closed due to a robbery. Which sucks a lot, so Atsuro suddenly find himself with some more free time than he originally planned.

He already trained his current team, he doesn’t need to go in and work right now... Well, he could start up his next programming project, but his Pokemon will get bored while he’s working.

But then, he get an idea. An idea he received while walking around the stores in Pewter, which is still pretty decent but not as huge as Celadon or Goldenrod, and saw something. At that time, he had Euler out and got begged to buy his Lucario something. He did made a promise, but it gave birth to an idea.

Something he’s been meaning to do and hey, he’s kinda bored now.

He quickly head to the Pokemon Centre, going over toward the PC and made a quick roster change...

Alright, let’s head outside of town!

[The screen shows Atsuro in Route 3, at a fair distance from Pewter’s entrance. His back is facing against the PokeGear and judging from the angle, as well as how high up from the ground the video feed is broadcasting on, one of his Pokemon is filming it right now.

He’s looking at his Golurk, tall and silent. Well, it would be tall but it’s crouching down a little and bend forward. Sitting on the giant Pokemon’s back is a Lucario, with a pair of goggles on his head and a red scarf around his neck. He look pretty determined and focused.

This mission will be tough, Pilot Euler. But we trust you to handle it.

[Of course Euler can handle it!]

Right. Get ready for launch!

[Euler pulls down his goggles over his eyes, as the Golurk seems to crouch lower, as if it’s about to jump...?!]

Pilot Euler, Unit 01, fight for our future! GO!

[Just as Atsuro points to the sky, Unit 01 spring up into that jump. Its legs retract into its waste, as it shifted over into flying mode. Euler is holding tightly onto him, as they flies off into the sky and combat...well, they’re just going to fly around in their immersion.

This is Atsuro Kihara, being a dorky young adult and proud of it.

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