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Day 40 - [Action] | [Video] NIGHTMARE CASTLE

[The Crystal Study is very fascinating and clearly, Atsuro must investigate it.

He’s looking at the various minerals behind the glasses and cabinets, moving closer to try and read the labels. He can’t quite put his finger on it, but the language seems...somewhat familiar? It’s definitely not Japanese or English. Only to take a step back in confusion. It’s a bit odd, but he get the sense these have something more to them.


Anyone walking inside may see him trying to open the cabinets.

[After exiting the room, Atsuro glance over and see the door marked with the Blue Sigil. Pausing for a moment, he scans the area for monsters before he bring out his PokeGear.]

Anyone found the room with the pink symbol door? I know there’s the yellow and blue one, which leaves just pink.

[Atsuro has been checking the general layout of the second floor and memorising it for a while. If those monsters show up again, he’d know where to run. But importantly, he haven't found the room with the Pink Sigil.]

Also, asking for anyone with a blue symbol to help me get into the blue room. In return, I can get you into the pink room once I know where to find it. And that goes for anyone who wants to get inside, too.

[He already went inside the Yellow Sigil Room yesterday, so he just have blue and pink left. Until he can find or learn where to find the pink one’s location, it’s best to enter the blue one today.

After his broadcast, Atsuro can be found standing near the Blue Sigil Room, alert and on guard for the monsters.
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Well, I couldn't tell you about the pink door, but if you still need someone to get you into the blue room, I might be able to arrange something.

[After all, they'll never get anywhere if they don't help each other out. Whoever set this place up was definitely crafty in that regard. Is this supposed to be a test?]
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Well, if you need a hand searching, I've got time to spare. Not like I've got any way to get into the pink room on my own, anyway.

[And to answer Atsuro's question, he holds up his right hand and shows the back of his glove. Sure enough, there's indeed a blue sigil!]

I'm not too far from the blue door right now. Just give me a sec, and I'll get you in.
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[Apparently Phi still isn't quite ready to give up text, at the moment...]

I think it's too early to rule out other doors right now. There might be more colors in areas we haven't had access to, yet.
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That would make the most sense. Better to focus on the problem at hand than to worry about a puzzle that may never come up, I suppose...

My mark is yellow. I'm guessing you don't need it, since you didn't request it.
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I can get you into blue in exchange for pink.

[She's worn and haggard by all this stuff going on, her patience worn to shreds by lack of sleep and lack of, well, everything normal. She's just taking a break outside the pink one for now, after pounding her hand bruised against it to try to open it.]

It took some finding, believe me. There's a passage near the Armory. You know where that is?
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[Well, it was worth a shot. Even if someone'd beat her to it, that he was still willing to help her was something, right? She just nods in confirmation of the location, pausing before answering the last bit with a quick, forced smile.]

I'm fine. I just keep thinking I see people I know. Could probably use some sleep, too.
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[With this place, it could even be a combination of both. She shakes her head at the suggestion, though, brow furrowing as she stares at the camera.]

No... I'll get some rest when I find my teammates, if they're here. No way I'm sleepin' by myself in this place.