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Day 42 - [Video] | [Action] at Mt. Moon, 4TH WALL

[Instead of a brightly lit room or the great outdoors, Atsuro seems to be inside a cave. He tug his hat down a little, almost protectively.]

So, either I’m in Mt. Mortar or Mt. Moon. If anyone asks, I have no idea how I get here from Pallet. [Beside the usual suspects. “The world did it” or “a Pokémon did it”.] Also, did anyone else got their supplies changed? I got more Potions than I remember since I did an inventory check. Calciums, too. Which I might give away since I'm pretty sure my team would get tired of having a lot of vitamins.

[He’s walking along with Asterisk out. The Clefairy seems to be at home, walking with confidence. Until they accidentally kicked a pebble.

And suddenly, Zubat swarm. Oh shi--


[Clicks. Gotta deal with these Zubats. Or run away because of the sheer numbers…!]
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[Did you call for help? Cause here's Kazuya facing the Zubat swarm. Wow how cool, he must have some kind of a plan-]

I think it's time to get out, Atsuro.

[Yeah, let's run, Atsuro.]
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[Save yourselves first, ask things later. That's the only wise decision right now.

Though he does have a Jack Frost following him who now keeps shooting ice at the Zubats (while going "hee ho"). Just to slow them down and all. Poor dude wasn't given any Pokémon.]
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[That's a good timing, as Jack Frost is soon out of MP. Too many opponents, hee ho! He disappears back into Kazuya's COMP.

Kaz is curious about the attack, so he looks over his shoulder to see what's this about. He had suspected these aren't quite the demons they know, but this really is different isn't it.]
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[ ...?

Well, since Atsuro told him to do it, here he goes.

And then a nearby Zubat started flying to another direction with a ">8(" face.]
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[ Holy crap. Don't mind the staring ]

Are you okay?
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XD semi-video for Atsuro then!

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[ No... no worries about that. ]

I guess some repels sound good right about now, huh?
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[ Okay, he'll stop stating the obvious now. ]

How'd you get there anyway? Did you just wake up in the middle of the mountain?
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The first conclusion I drew was that it was probably an Abra's fault. Now that it seems to be happening to everyone, I'm not so sure.
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That's what I was thinking but we probably need to figure out if that's even possible.

[ Mentally adding research on legendary pokemon to To Do list. ]

I appreciate the insight but you're probably caught up with getting of there right now, aren't you?
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[ Here's an awkward smile though you can't see it, Atsuro. ]

If you find anything out about what's going on, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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How many did you even attract?
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You might want to pick up the pace, then. I think I hear more of them...
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[Crap. Time to think fast! And try to stay calm while the friend of that other you runs about...]

Are Zubats anything like actual bats?
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Then can't you just draw them away with a bright light?

[Squint. It is a tad dark in there, as far as the video feed is telling him...]
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Check for it, quick. I don't think we'd want more of them trailing...
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[Well, that sure is a thing...not that he can see any of it clearly enough, but it sounds intense already.

But then there's the pause.]

Is everything alright?