babel_hacker: (Yes I cracked it!)
Atsuro Kihara [AT-LOW] ([personal profile] babel_hacker) wrote2014-01-20 10:50 pm

Day 43 - [Text]

[One day, something shows up on the screen. It looks like a pixel sprite of something.

In the background, there seems to be falling poffins of many different colours. After a while, text begin to show up and a small Porygon is bouncing around at the corner of the screen.

Poff Poff Poff!
Poff Poff Poff!
Press the BUTTON! Poke the Poffin!
Make more Poffins!_

[It seems like someone wants people to make more Poffins. And that someone is Fortran, Atsuro’s Porygon, who’s hijacking its trainer’s PokeGear. It has been a while since it did it.]

How many will you make?
But don’t cheat or I will know, you jerks!_

[It can totally make better stuff than whatever Atsuro’s making for that programming business.

After a while, his trainer may show up...

(OOC: Poffin version of Cookie Clicker by Fortran. Warning: it’s easy to waste time on Cookie Clicker. Just let me know if you want Atsuro to pop up.)

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