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Day 47 - [Video] | [Action] Saffron's Pokemon Centre

[In the early morning on June 11th, Atsuro’s eyes slowly opened. The white ceiling above him briefly confused him, before he blinked and slowly woke up some more. That’s… not his bedroom’s ceiling. Once that fact sunk in, he sat up quickly and looked around, unknowingly waking up something on his bed. Or rather, next to him.

The first thing he noticed was that he’s in a hospital room. The second thing he saw was various creatures in the room, most of them was asleep. There’s a few stirring, including the pink creature who was sleeping next to him on the bed. He stared at it blankly and blinked. They don’t feel like demons, and the Japanese government keeps the demons locked and under strict control from the public. So why was he seeing them...?

His thoughts stopped when the pink creature woke up and looked at him with, her sleepy eyes. Wait, he knew this pink thing.


[Memories of his life as a trainer came flooding in, as his Clefairy cried out and hugged him. Her happy cries woke up the other Pokemon in the room, and they immediately surrounded Atsuro when they realised their trainer was awake again. That’s right...he spent over three years in this world with his Pokemon. And then…]

Sorry for making you guys worried so much. But I’m back.

[Back from finishing the one task he would want to do. If someone offered him a way home, he would take it to finish it. But now, his goal of controlling the demons for society was achieved, despite the hardships and difficulties along the way.

His Pokemon, in their own way, either hugged or started talking to him. They missed talking to him for the past week.


[A familiar face pops up on the network, even though he’s currently hatless at the moment. He gives the PokeGear a sheepish grin. There’s a Clefairy sitting on his lap and looking up.]

So, looks like this world sent me to sleep and wake me up on my birthday. Which is kinda funny, if it didn’t make my team worried about me.

[He pauses for a moment.]

But seriously, this was one of those coma sleeps that gives you new memories when you wake up I heard about. It’s one thing to hear about other people dealing with it, but it’s another thing to experience it for yourself. It’s...well, weird going from being 20 to 17 and back here as...21?

[Help, the age thing is too weird for him.]

I guess that’s what I have to say at the moment, other than talking to the Nurse Joys about leaving. So… I’m back, guys.
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You made me break into song while telling your idiot Pokémon what to do, Big Bro Atsuro!

[...Welcome back, Atsuro. Not much has changed.]
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I couldn't control it! The whole Goldenrod was bursting into song!

Don't you dare make fun of me!

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Good! I don't want anyone to hear me sing, anyway. [It's a good thing you're so nice to her, big bro... she can't give you up now. Plus, she'll need someone to cry to when she gets jumped by Sniper.]
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In your dreams, moron!

Why do you want to hear a little girl like me sing, anyway?! [SHE CAN'T STOP ATTRACTING TROUBLE UNFORTUNATELY, HAPPENS IN CANON AND HAPPENS HERE TOO...]
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No I don't.

Because I have better things to do.

[Was that a dig at you- yeah that might've been oh who are we kidding yes it was]
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Like practicing dancing, for example!


she doesn't have much to do other than that and mess with people and eat sweets

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Of course not! I just have to devote a lot of attention to it, obviously- they don't call me SHSL Classical Japanese Dancer for nothing!

[saionji will forever dodge the question

hey it's better than crying outright??? character development?????]

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That does sound confusing. I suppose I'll have to deal with that myself if I ever leave this place for a while and then return....
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How long were you here then before you returned home?
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That's... a really long time. Although I suppose if you've got nothing to go back home to, it doesn't really matter...
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If you were in a coma, how do you know you actually went back to your world?
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And you're sure they weren't just dreams?
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I guess that makes sense... It's still sometimes hard to believe how this place works.


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