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Atsuro Kihara [AT-LOW] ([personal profile] babel_hacker) wrote2014-07-09 12:24 pm

Day 48 - [Video] | [Action] Lavender's Pokemon House

[The video feed opens up to a house’s interior, most likely being held by a Pokemon due to the angle, height and the occasional sound from the holder. No matter where it’s pointing at, there’s a always at least one Pokemon on the screen. A couple of Pokemon seems to be heading towards the same direction...

The cameraman follows along, until they arrived at the living room full of Pokemon sitting down and listening to Atsuro telling them a story. Standing in front of him is his Glalie wearing a hat and a Chandelure with a...moustache?

It seems like Atsuro is narrating the story, and he changes his voice appropriately for the characters he’s speaking for.

And now, Frosty finally found the Evil Snidley! He stood in front of the evil Chandelure and declare to him!

[On cue, Jack the Glalie move forward and seems to be standing his ground in front of the floating ghost. He starts to speak, which Atsuro will helpfully translate (only it’s because they agreed on the script).]

“I have found you, wicked Snidley ho! Your evil plans will never come to fruition!”

[Then it’s the Chandelure’s turn to pose, just as dramatically as Jack, in his role as the villain. Atsuro speaks for him, changing his tone to sound just as dramatic and very stereotypical “evil villain” like as he can.]
“Not today, Frosty! I, the Great and Elegant Snidley, will escape and melt the polar caps with my giant flame cannon!”

[The screen moves as the cameraman try to find a place to sit. There’s...not a lot of space for them to sit down.]

“Hee ho! Then I shall stop you! I am Frosty, the Warrior of Love and Rage! Be judged by my Ice of Judgement, ho!”

[The crowd of Pokemon starts to cheer and root for the hero. One of them knocks into the PokeGear holder by accident, making her cried out (which some people may recognise as a Clefairy’s cry) and dropping it down to the floor. The screen is now facing down on the ground, as there’s sounds of movements and noises (“--what the?”) before it turns off..]

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