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Atsuro Kihara [AT-LOW] ([personal profile] babel_hacker) wrote2014-11-17 07:39 am

DAY 50 - [Video] | [Action] Celadon Department Store

[Sometime today in Celadon Department Store...

Going into the toy section with his Klefki was, while not the worst, probably among the Top 10 bad decisions Atsuro Kihara have ever made in his life. Maybe the Top 15, at most.

So anyway, he's looking into the toys area because December is next month, which means Christmas! While it's early for Christmas shopping, Atsuro does like looking at toys. Some things are the same, or familiar but very much Pokemon-fied and others he didn't know was a thing. Plus, some of his Pokemon like the toys. It's a nice way to destress from shopping for other things in the store.

While he's distracted, his Klefki spy a shelf full of toy keys and floated over towards it. He started looking through them eagerly until...he accidentally made things fall from this shelf during his rummaging. Oops.

Eh? [That caught Atsuro's attention easily, and he turned around to see...his Klefki continuing to search through the pile of toys, boxed or not, on the ground.] What the--Mutex!?


[A while after that, the PokeGear's screen shows a Klefki looking rather pleased with himself and jingles his new keys so happily.]

...Guys, just keep a close eye on your Klefki while you're out shopping, or else you'll have to deal and possibly pay for the damages. [All of these keys come from different toys why.] Otherwise, you're basically stuck with them like this.

And please tell me yours have... [Not-toy keys? Real keys?] ...other type of keys beside these ones they get attached to.

[He feels like he jinxed himself with this back in September during a discussion.]

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