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DAY 51 - [Action] | Some...route! 4th Wall!

[It’s very, very cold.

Well, why wouldn’t it be? This route is practically covered in snow. Wait, where did the snow come from? The weather is just foggy, not snowing.

Hee hoooo!

[But before anyone can ponder it for too long, snowballs are flying! It’s a snowball fight! And these strange snowmen are throwing them! (Which may be somewhat familiar looking to some people…)

Not that far from them, Atsuro can be seen playing, er, competing in the snowball fight with the Jack Frosts and hiding behind a tree. If he notices someone, he would call out to them before he throw a newly made snowball at his opponents.

Hey! Get out of there, unless you want to get hit!

[Why is he playing along? Why not? At least the Jack Frosts aren't actively trying to kill people, and he can keep an eye on them.]
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[The first thing he notices is that it's cold. The second thing he notices is a snowball flung directly at his face at high speed. He slowly turns to look and see where it's from and -]

... Hmph.

[Why did Atsuro throw a snowball at him? Why is there a green and purple mass of spirits connected to a rock next to him? What is going on?]
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[That would explain the cold. Naoya darts out of the way, the Spiritomb floating along behind him.]

[He gathers up some snow and lobs it at Atsuro. Payback. :|]
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What do you think?


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[The warning came a second too late for the new arrival. He turned to dodge the first snowball he saw coming his way but - he forgot to take into account the snow already on the ground.

He turned way too fast, slipped, and fell flat on his back into a medium sized snow mound. -- O-Ow . . . there was rock under all that snow, why . . . and it did not miss his head . . . I-It's okay! It doesn't hurt that much!

Like a true sport, he makes a valiant attempt to shake it off. College student-boy attempts to sit up but he has to duck back down. The snowball fight was still in full force! Why is this happening where is he why is it snowing]
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I- oomph!

[-- gee, that sure was a snowball to the face. He ducks further down this time. Maybe if he stays out of sight... He does raise one arm.]

I-I'm okay! [Really! He is okay! His face is red and maybe he has a concussion, but he is totally okay!]
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[Trees? Right, ducking for cover and all that. He manages to dodge a few more before getting to the safety of a tree of his own. Give him a second to catch his breath.... whew . . . ]

What are those things? [He means the living snowmen. Last he checked, snowmen weren't sentient.]

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[Since when has Route 36 been so... cold?]

[Komaeda is involuntarily shivering as he walks out into the route, Tauros in tow. He looks surprised when Atsuro calls to him; seems he recognizes the boy from the conversation they had when Komaeda first arrived. Pokémon and Trainer push through the snow and fog to Atsuro's tree.]

What's happened here?
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Jack... Frosts.

[Komaeda is interrupted by an obscenely large and well-aimed snowball thrown by a nearby Jack Frost. The demon's aim is true, and with an almost comical sputtering noise, he is pushed off of his Pokémon's back and into a nearby snowdrift.]


K-k-kill anyone?

[...He's only been sitting in the snow for a few seconds, and his teeth are already chattering.]
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Ah, fine! Yes, f-fine.

[Sorry he's just going to... use one of Apollo's horns to pull himself back up. It is November, so he has some degree of insulated clothing on, but he is also notoriously frail physically. There's a reason he needs to ride a Tauros everywhere.]

[...oh god the poor hat]

[Komaeda attempts to shuffle behind either the tree or Apollo to take shelter from the snowball attack, but he does pick up Atsuro's hat and offer it back to him once he regains his bearings, because that's the kind of nice person Komaeda is.]

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[At the cry, Royce moves with great speed to the trees. He looks over at Atsuro and raises an eyebrow. Care to explain?]
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Jack... Frosts?
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... Demons?

[He's only vaguely heard the word but he stayed away from church things as much as possible. More interested in computers than scripture and all.]

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[Did someone call people in for a snowball fight? Good, because Korra is totally going to join it!

She's cheating a bit by creating and throwing the balls with her waterbending skills though, oooops. It saves her sometime, when she can just create multiple snow balls at the same time so easily from all this snow.]
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[Wait, what? That ... didn't come from one of those whatever they are and Korra is sure it's not from her either.

She shrugs at the question.]

Don't ask me, I didn't do it and I thought it's just you and me here.
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[Good, because what's the fun in revealing yourself? This is (friendly) war!

And Korra is not watching out for her back, while she's busy looking at those Jack Frosts and trying to figure out what they are. ...Which is impossible anyway because she's never seen them before, but sush.]

... [Thanks for that snowball.] Okay, that wasn't any of you... I think.

[But now she has a general direction of where to start looking, so the girl kicks the ground to create a huge wave of snow into his direction. Watch out, Atsuro, or well, it might miss you and hit something near you because she's really not completely sure where to go with that.]

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