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Atsuro Kihara [AT-LOW] ([personal profile] babel_hacker) wrote2015-04-13 09:52 pm

DAY 53 - [Text]

So my fourth (yep, 4th) anniversary of being here is coming up this weekend. Normally, I’d get all sappy and nostalgic about how long I’ve been here, as well as thinking about everything that’s just normal here compared to back home. And maybe ask for suggestions for what to do to celebrate yet another year in this world.

But I picked up one of those shiny feathers lying around earlier and I rather ask about that first.

So any ideas? Speculations? It’s the first time I see feathers like this around, so I doubt it’s a normal thing that happens. When I picked it up, I don’t feel anything different so it seems harmless.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened. On the other hand, it’d be kinda nice if just an odd case of sudden shiny feathers and nothing terrible will pop up to torment us. I think the only thing against that is it’s still April and Halloween’s far away. On the other hand, maybe the Forces That Be might switched things around because following traditions is getting boring and think things need to get mixed up!

[Atsuro, no.]

Still… It kind of say something that after a while, I try to pinpoint any patterns in these sorts of things. Like sure, it might make some things easier. But on the other hand, somehow, this place always find a way to really surprise you when you don’t expect it. Like when you think you get into a routine and starting to think everything’s normal? Surprise!

Or maybe the surprise this time is just these feathers. Who knows?

...This is rather rambly. The thought of my fourth anniversary is coming up still get to me.
[That and the dull aching homesickness.] So I guess I want to vent out my feelings into any topic.

But I’m still open to anniversary ideas. I’m in Goldenrod right now, if that helps with thinking up suggestions!

...Do you think it’s a bad idea to use these feathers as a quill pen?


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