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[It’s very, very cold.

Well, why wouldn’t it be? This route is practically covered in snow. Wait, where did the snow come from? The weather is just foggy, not snowing.

Hee hoooo!

[But before anyone can ponder it for too long, snowballs are flying! It’s a snowball fight! And these strange snowmen are throwing them! (Which may be somewhat familiar looking to some people…)

Not that far from them, Atsuro can be seen playing, er, competing in the snowball fight with the Jack Frosts and hiding behind a tree. If he notices someone, he would call out to them before he throw a newly made snowball at his opponents.

Hey! Get out of there, unless you want to get hit!

[Why is he playing along? Why not? At least the Jack Frosts aren't actively trying to kill people, and he can keep an eye on them.]
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[Sometime today in Celadon Department Store...

Going into the toy section with his Klefki was, while not the worst, probably among the Top 10 bad decisions Atsuro Kihara have ever made in his life. Maybe the Top 15, at most.

So anyway, he's looking into the toys area because December is next month, which means Christmas! While it's early for Christmas shopping, Atsuro does like looking at toys. Some things are the same, or familiar but very much Pokemon-fied and others he didn't know was a thing. Plus, some of his Pokemon like the toys. It's a nice way to destress from shopping for other things in the store.

While he's distracted, his Klefki spy a shelf full of toy keys and floated over towards it. He started looking through them eagerly until...he accidentally made things fall from this shelf during his rummaging. Oops.

Eh? [That caught Atsuro's attention easily, and he turned around to see...his Klefki continuing to search through the pile of toys, boxed or not, on the ground.] What the--Mutex!?


[A while after that, the PokeGear's screen shows a Klefki looking rather pleased with himself and jingles his new keys so happily.]

...Guys, just keep a close eye on your Klefki while you're out shopping, or else you'll have to deal and possibly pay for the damages. [All of these keys come from different toys why.] Otherwise, you're basically stuck with them like this.

And please tell me yours have... [Not-toy keys? Real keys?] ...other type of keys beside these ones they get attached to.

[He feels like he jinxed himself with this back in September during a discussion.]
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[The video feed opens up to a house’s interior, most likely being held by a Pokemon due to the angle, height and the occasional sound from the holder. No matter where it’s pointing at, there’s a always at least one Pokemon on the screen. A couple of Pokemon seems to be heading towards the same direction...

The cameraman follows along, until they arrived at the living room full of Pokemon sitting down and listening to Atsuro telling them a story. Standing in front of him is his Glalie wearing a hat and a Chandelure with a...moustache?

It seems like Atsuro is narrating the story, and he changes his voice appropriately for the characters he’s speaking for.

Dorks and images )
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[Instead of a brightly lit room or the great outdoors, Atsuro seems to be inside a cave. He tug his hat down a little, almost protectively.]

So, either I’m in Mt. Mortar or Mt. Moon. If anyone asks, I have no idea how I get here from Pallet. [Beside the usual suspects. “The world did it” or “a Pokémon did it”.] Also, did anyone else got their supplies changed? I got more Potions than I remember since I did an inventory check. Calciums, too. Which I might give away since I'm pretty sure my team would get tired of having a lot of vitamins.

[He’s walking along with Asterisk out. The Clefairy seems to be at home, walking with confidence. Until they accidentally kicked a pebble.

And suddenly, Zubat swarm. Oh shi--


[Clicks. Gotta deal with these Zubats. Or run away because of the sheer numbers…!]
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Crystal Study )

[After exiting the room, Atsuro glance over and see the door marked with the Blue Sigil. Pausing for a moment, he scans the area for monsters before he bring out his PokeGear.]

Anyone found the room with the pink symbol door? I know there’s the yellow and blue one, which leaves just pink.

[Atsuro has been checking the general layout of the second floor and memorising it for a while. If those monsters show up again, he’d know where to run. But importantly, he haven't found the room with the Pink Sigil.]

Also, asking for anyone with a blue symbol to help me get into the blue room. In return, I can get you into the pink room once I know where to find it. And that goes for anyone who wants to get inside, too.

[He already went inside the Yellow Sigil Room yesterday, so he just have blue and pink left. Until he can find or learn where to find the pink one’s location, it’s best to enter the blue one today.

After his broadcast, Atsuro can be found standing near the Blue Sigil Room, alert and on guard for the monsters.
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What happened before the video... )

[The screen shows Atsuro in Route 3, at a fair distance from Pewter’s entrance. His back is facing against the PokeGear and judging from the angle, as well as how high up from the ground the video feed is broadcasting on, one of his Pokemon is filming it right now.

He’s looking at his Golurk, tall and silent. Well, it would be tall but it’s crouching down a little and bend forward. Sitting on the giant Pokemon’s back is a Lucario, with a pair of goggles on his head and a red scarf around his neck. He look pretty determined and focused.

This mission will be tough, Pilot Euler. But we trust you to handle it.

[Of course Euler can handle it!]

Right. Get ready for launch!

[Euler pulls down his goggles over his eyes, as the Golurk seems to crouch lower, as if it’s about to jump...?!]

Pilot Euler, Unit 01, fight for our future! GO!

[Just as Atsuro points to the sky, Unit 01 spring up into that jump. Its legs retract into its waste, as it shifted over into flying mode. Euler is holding tightly onto him, as they flies off into the sky and combat...well, they’re just going to fly around in their immersion.

This is Atsuro Kihara, being a dorky young adult and proud of it.
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Never expected to end up on a museum’s roof during that craziness. And stuck there for a while.

[The camera shows movements, as Atsuro walks down the stairs in the museum to the lower floors. He turns his ‘Gear to show some of the exhibits, as well as his Clefairy looking at some of them, before turning the screen to his face.]

I take it most people end up somewhere else entirely? I went from Fuchsia to...Pewter, I think. I’ll check in a moment. [Ah, there’s the reception area.] Where did you guys end up in? You get bonus points if you have a funny story to go with it. Even if you don’t have a funny story, just tell me anyway. I’m curious.

[Is he forgetting something?]

Oh yeah. Today’s also my birthday! I’d probably eat out with my Pokemon later. [Give the birthday boy guy your birthday greetings! Asterisk runs over to him, giving her trainer a celebratory cry. Happy birthday, Atsuro!] Thanks, Asterisk.

...It’s kinda weird to think I’m twenty years old already... If I was back home right now, I would be attending college right now and getting ready to enter the workforce.

Lemme spring up another question, if you're home right now, what would you be doing at your current age?
[So at some point in the afternoon, a text post appear on the network.]

NAME: Atsuro Kihara
SEX: Male
AGE: 19 20
OFFERS: Company, weirdness, programming skills, being a good house husband
SEEKING: One person to date him. Guy or girl. At least near his age or looks like it. Stupid trai He needs to date someone.

Please respond if interested._

[Guess whose Porygon went inside the PokeGear...

Some time after that post went up, another text appear.

Please ignore that post! My Porygon put it up, not me!
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[For anyone checking out Fuchsia’s movie sets, or even walking around the city, you might hear a voice. Or several voices.]

Hee ho!

Hey, stop!

[When you turn to look, you would see Atsuro riding a Cerberus and chasing after a group of Jack Frosts. If you’re unlucky, you might get hit by a stray ice spells from the Fairy demons.

...And, uh, better get out of the way.
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Some action at Celadon Gym )
[After the gym battle...]


[There is Atsuro, standing outside of Celadon Gym and looking rather baffled by what just happened. He’s holding up his PokeGear with one hand. In his other hand is...a handful of small paper slips?]

Please tell me that, after winning the badge, other guys got shoved with a lot of girls’ numbers from that gym into their hands.

[He’d feel better if there’s others before him. Atsuro just doesn’t think he’s that appealing to girls, looks-wise. Sure, he’s nineteen, twenty in a few months, but nope. He just doesn’t see it.

That and he’s not interested at the moment.

I really can't be the only one, right?

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Two things to ask about, guys.

[Oh, look, it’s Atsuro! Been a while since he appear on the network. He seems to be at a grocery store right now.]

First of all for anyone who challenged Erika of Celadon Gym, what should I expect? I know about the type matchings, so I’d like to hear about her tougher team and what to look out for.

[And something about people having trouble with the gym. But Atsuro isn't sure where he heard that from, or if he's imagining it.]

Secondly, did anyone make the Strawberry Poppers yet? I’m thinking of trying my hand at making them. I want to know how delicious they are, basically. And I guess how easy to make in practice.
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[In the snow covered streets of Saffron and all geared up in his winter clothes, Atsuro is walking around the shops with his shiny Lillipup beside him. He’s mostly browsing around and getting ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and maybe find some good beans for Hiyoko.

After buying a hot chocolate from a coffee stand, his walk eventually leads him closer to the concert hall. He pause to look at it, with a thoughtful look.

Think we should try watching a performance here...? [He asks, looking down at his Lillipup...only to stare at her. Is that a Potion in her mouth?] ...Where did you get that Potion from this time?

[After questioning her, he turns on his PokéGear for a quick broadcast. It’s a pretty rare sight to see, Atsuro without his hat on and only his hoodie covering his hair.]

Is it normal for people to drop Potions and things a lot?

[Atsuro looks rather amused, as he hold up a Potion in front of the PokéGear. Are those bite marks on it?]

Or on the other hand, who else have their Pokémon finding things and bringing it over to you? And kind of keeps on doing it? Finder’s keeper or should I try to return them?

[He glance away, most likely to look at his Pokémon behind this recent broadcast. There’s a quick bark sound a moment later. If some people are familiar enough with it, it’s coming from a Lillipup.]

Other than that, those of you who’ve been in Saffron before: how’s the concert hall? Any good performances to go to, or people to keep an eye out for?

Thanks for taking the time to listen and possibly answering--okay, now where did you get that rope from?

[Don't mind him, Atsuro will be temporarily be away to deal with his Lillipup.]

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[It’s another normal day for Atsuro. By this point, he’s gotten used to Vermilion and using his time to both train his Pokémon and earn money. As an adult, he have to work adult hours, so he have to make the most of his free time.

Before he leaves for work, he went outside of Vermilion after breakfast to do some early training in Route 7. Antec the Lanturn doesn’t need the extra training, but Atsuro brought him along out of fondness and safety precaution. The Pokémon he’s about to train, his lower levelled ones, aren’t as strong as his main team.

...Hm? Something the matter, Antec?

[As his starter and first Pokémon, Atsuro have long since learned how to read and communicate with Antec. Yeah, he can speak Pokémon, but they can still tell each other what they need to.

He looks from watching Bufu’s training to Antec, noting the wary expression in his trusted partner’s eyes. Glancing up, his eyes gaze around them carefully.

Until something jumped out.

When he turns on his PokéGear's video feed, sounds of roaring and battling can be heard coming through the speakers.

Hey, guys, be careful around Route 7 outside of Vermilion. Dunno how, but there’s some demons around here—Antec, Ice Beam!—from my world, so be careful.

[People can come to check things out, either during one of the skirmishes with a demon or after the battles. If it’s afterwards, Atsuro can be seen talking with a Cerberus with his Nintendo DS COMP in his hand.]
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[The PokeGear started recording by accident, letting in the startled yet worried cries from a Phanpy and a Sneasel. For anyone who look, it’s obvious enough.

The PokeGear is on the ground, showing the view from a rather familiar angle. This isn’t the first time the network see a recording like this, after all.

Well, somewhat.

Whoa, wait a sec...!

[Atsuro is at Route 35, hoping to train some of his younger Pokemon against the wild Pokemon. He hopes to make up for lost time when some of his Pokemon made him rest in bed for the past few days. His headaches are gone, but his skin changed to look more...discoloured. And it's cackling with what looks like electricity.

But that’s not the most pressing matter at the moment. Why? A male Nidoran is attacking Atsuro, trying to hit him with Poison Sting. Atsuro moves to dodge it, almost as if he dealt with attacking animals before. It’s almost like dealing with a demon again. But he won't dwell on that thought for very long and shouts out a command.

Bufu, use Ice Shard!

[His Sneasel leaps in, using Ice Shard to try and take down the Nidoran. It hit, but the wild Pokemon continue his going after Atsuro. The trainer moves back, until he’s out of the PokeGear’s view.]

Use Slam, Nalagiri—[There’s a startled cry, follow by a flash of...electricity.]

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[Today is the day. It’s a day no one else, except for the young man’s friend and his Pokemon, know about. That might be due to never mentioning his birthday to anyone else. Atsuro loves getting presents, but he also don’t want to trouble his friends more than they need to.

He’s been getting better at telling people, but his Pokemon can tell when he hide and retreats. This shouldn’t continue on his birthday.

So after urging its friend, Fortran the Porygon went inside the PokeGear, as Asterisk the Clefairy holds it for it. Time to announce it and without the typical computing sequences it did, the last time it talk to the network.

Today is June 11th. It is also the date of Atsuro Kihara’s birthday, where he will turn 19 years old. If you like him, get my stupid trainer a gift or something.

[There, that should do it.]

Hey, Asterisk! Have you seen my PokeGear?


The stupid birthday boy is coming.

Asterisk—Why are you holding it like that? Wait, don’t tell me Fortran’s inside!?

Eep! Um, no! Not yet!

[There’s some sounds of movements, before the recording ends.

If anyone want to meet up with Atsuro, he'll be at Goldenrod's Breeding Centre. Souji did say Atsuro can come over to stay, so the young programmer's been taking him up on that offer. But in the long term? He's still thinking about it.

Right now, he need to talk with his Clefairy and Porygon.]
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[He have two important businesses to do today.

First of all are the Golett eggs. He promised Miyuki he’ll breed an egg for her and as he expected, his Golurk and the Ditto produced three eggs, just like last time. Guess that means he’ll look for people to take them in again.

He shows the eggs on the screen, purposely showing only two of them. One is for Miyuki, anyway.
Hey, guys! I have Golett eggs over here! They’re ground/ghost type and can learn to Fly after evolving into Golurk!

[He move the ‘Gear to show his Golurk, who give a sad wave. Hey, remember that flying robot from a while ago?]

I accept P3000 or an egg trade! [It’s higher than last time, but uh, he kind of need the money after shopping at the department store.] As well as promising to take good care of them, of course.

[Filtered to Miyuki]
Hey, Miyuki! I got an egg for you!

[His second business is more serious and private.]

[Filtered to Keisuke]
Keisuke, are you free?

[He have his suspicions. About why Keisuke starts off with two Pokemon instead of one, and why he appeared in Goldenrod and not New Bark Town. Atsuro really hopes it’s not what he thinks it is, but he really wants to be sure and clear out his suspicions.

His suspicions that Keisuke’s brought here as a Rocket, not a Trainer or a Breeder.

(OOC: All the eggs are claimed! Feel free to comment!)

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[In Goldenrod, there is a familiar pair of Pokemon. Atsuro’s Clefairy and Porygon are doing their usual filming duty for their trainer. Asterisk the Clefairy is also wearing Atsuro’s hat, as she hold his PokeGear and sit on Fortran. But wait, where is Atsuro?

If you follow the PokeGear’s line of sight, there’s something in the sky. Wait, what’s that in the sky?

Is it a Pidgeot?
Is it a plane?


[Flying above Goldenrod is a large Golurk, with Atsuro riding on its back. That’s right, folks, there’s a flying ghost mecha above the city.]

This is awesoooooooooooooome…!
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[April 18th.

It’s been a year since he arrived in Johto. Since he woke up in New Bark Town, greeted cheerfully by “Mom” and ushered out on his journey with Antec, his starter.

Antec, who used to be his quirky Chinchou. Now he’s an Lanturn, still quirky as ever with how he continue confused his trainer. What with how the water type Pokemon can manoeuvre on land. But after many months, Atsuro have gotten used to the sight.

That morning, he went to the Pokemon Center and switched his team around to his first, six Pokemon: Antec, Loupe, Asterisk, Pascal, Ada and Fortron. None of them as Fly-users, but he doesn’t mind. The young programmer isn’t planning on flying anywhere, just yet.

Exiting the Pokemon Center, Atsuro walks out with Antec next to him. The Lanturn follows his trainer, a bit confused but doesn’t speak up. Yet.
] You know what today is, Antec?

Lanturn? [Well, no?]

...Today’s the day when we first met. [Standing at the entrance, facing Route 34, he makes his way over toward where the water is. A moment later, he let out his entire team. A Raticate, a Clefairy, Arcanine, Mightyena and a Porygon join his Lanturn. His team, his first, original team, watches their trainer. Only Antec, as his most loyal and longest Pokemon partner, knows what’s going on.

And then, Atsuro crouches down next to his starter and hug him.
] Happy anniversary, Antec. I’m glad to have you and everyone as my Pokemon.

[His team watch, before they come closer to their trainer for a group hug. Happy anniversary, Atsuro.

Well, okay, it might be a bit hard for some of them to hug him but there’s snuggling and all around happy feeling sharing.

Although, this might be a strange sight to see for anyone wandering nearby. Whoops.
[Later on, while watching his Pokemon play by the water, Atsuro stare at his PokeGear and before he finally turns it on.]

Happy anniversary, everyone. Today marks my first full year in Johto, for those who don’t know. I’m gonna aim for Kanto’s gyms next, but I won’t be leaving any time soon. So if you need me, I’ll still be here in Goldenrod.

...But I’m wondering about something. After getting all the badges from both Johto and Kanto, what’s next?

[Filtered to Souji]
Yo, Souji. I’m swinging by.


Hope you don’t mind having a nerd coming over to the Breeding Center for you.
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That’s an easy win.

[’sup, Johto and Kanto. How are you this fine day. Well, other than that random hail last Tuesday. God, what’s with that random hail in the middle of spring.

Anyway, this is Atsuro in front of the Azalea Gym. Holding the Hive Badge in his hand, with his large Arcanine sitting next to him.
Then again, that’s what I get for solo-ing Bugsy with Pascal.

[Pascal give his trainer a look. C’mon, Atsuro, he want a good challenge.]

So that means I got all eight badges in Johto! Here’s hoping Kanto will give me a better challenge. I think most of my team are getting edgy from the lack of good challenges.

...Huh, I got all eight badges in less than a year. With all that time passing, I guess it’s pretty normal here.

[Oh yeah, he’s been here for almost a year... Atsuro would hit his first anniversary in a few weeks.]

So, everyone! What’s the Kanto gym leaders are like? I know about Sabrina, but what about the others?

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[Atsuro almost hesitated on posting this. He saw the network entries so far; people reporting their friends being sent home. But he did promise to tell, so...]

Hey, Fang? Still there? My egg hatched! So here he is! [He moves the PokeGear to show his newest Pokemon.]

Pretty cool, huh? I haven’t think of a name for him, yet, but I’ll take my time giving him a name!

[…Even if Golett are technically genderless.

If anyone want to see Atsuro, he'd be near the entrance of Goldenrod City, facing Route 34, with his new Golett for training. He have Midori's Eevee, Mariko, out as well for some joint training.]

Alright, let's see how much we can do today.
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[There's no footage of the gym leader battle this time. Just Atsuro holding up the Rising Badge to the camera in front of the gym. As always, the camera crew is his Clefairy, who is riding on his Porygon. He don't really have the heart to break up such a good duo for all they do.]

Just got the Rising Badge! Only got one last badge to go before I hit all eight of them! [Wait, so this is his seventh badge?] I'll be going back to Goldenrod for the holidays before taking on Azalea's gym leader.

[A thoughtful pause.]

...Man, it's been eight months since I arrived here in Johto. A lot of things happened in that time. [A sigh, which is visible in the cold air.] At the rate I'm going, I'd have all eight badges before my first year here is done, even if I take it easy.

So, everyone... [He smile a little, but it seem too casual for his next question.] Do you feel like you accomplished a lot here?

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