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Age: 17 22
Birthday: June 11th
Canon Point: Atsuro's route, postgame
Occupations/Roles: Pokemon Trainer, programmer (AT-LOW Apps), PGC member
Current Location: Goldenrod City, Johto
Travelling Party: Naoya ([personal profile] crouching_sin )
Battle Theme: Pinch Battle
Favourite Foods: Hamburger, curry rice, gyudon
Disliked Foods: Salad
Favourite Music Genre: Game music
  • [JOHTO] Storm Badge (July 27, 2011), Mineral Badge (August 12, 2011), Fog Badge (August 31, 2011), Plain Badge (September 26th, 2011), Zephyr Badge (October 24th, 2011), Glacier Badge (November 3rd, 2011), Rising Badge (December 18th, 2011), Hive Badge (April 5th, 2012).
  • [KANTO] Thunder Badge (December 2nd, 2012), Marsh Badge (February 20th, 2013), Rainbow Badge (March 19th, 2013), Soul Badge (May 30th, 2013), Boulder Badge (August 14th, 2013), Volcano Badge (October 6th, 2013), Cascade Badge (December 12th, 2013), Earth Badge (March 6th, 2014)

NOTE: Atsuro try his best to train them all, so there's some rotations from party to box.
NOTE #2: Have a reusable Protect TM and Substitute TM. (Event given)
NOTE #3: Due to the Power Outbreak event, Atsuro will have yellow eyes and black markings for three or four months (ends October or November 2012). Went back to normal.

Arrived in Johto on April 2011, Atsuro experienced three birthdays (his first Johto birthday was a quiet affair) and went through a lot on his journey. Interactions with many different people, as well as experiencing the loss of people he knows from home over and over contributed to his development. Not only that, but his talk and gained knowledge of Naoya strengthened his sense of loyalty and desire to help. He's still cheerful and friendly, but he's still learning to truly express his troubles instead of hiding behind smile. With his best friend's, Kaz, constant returns and departures, it made his feelings for the world of Pokemon more complicated.

Currently, Atsuro's active, older (physically, mentally & vocally) and more fit than his younger self from travelling and training his Pokemon. He does spend some time sitting down and do programming in his spare time. His constant companion and team member is Antec the Lanturn, his starter.

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