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Hello, this is Fortran.
It's been a while since I sneak onto here!
I rather not do this,
but on behalf of my most Fair and Wondrous Friend.
I am here to let you all know about Stupid Trainer's upcoming birthday._

[Even after all this time, the Porygon-Z sure doesn't stop calling its trainer that.]

June 11th.
Mark your calendar and send him presents if you know him.
Ideally, while throwing said presents into his face.
But the back of his head works as well.
He gotta keep his reflexes up._

[Why does Atsuro even keep it around...]

I guess we're staying in Goldenrod for a while.
Then just text Stupid Trainer for his location.

That's it, I guess.

...Oh yeah, Stupid Trainer's name is Atsuro Kihara.

P.S. He likes the leafiest of leafy green salads._

[No, Atsuro doesn't.]
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So my fourth (yep, 4th) anniversary of being here is coming up this weekend. Normally, I’d get all sappy and nostalgic about how long I’ve been here, as well as thinking about everything that’s just normal here compared to back home. And maybe ask for suggestions for what to do to celebrate yet another year in this world.

But I picked up one of those shiny feathers lying around earlier and I rather ask about that first.

So any ideas? Speculations? It’s the first time I see feathers like this around, so I doubt it’s a normal thing that happens. When I picked it up, I don’t feel anything different so it seems harmless.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened. On the other hand, it’d be kinda nice if just an odd case of sudden shiny feathers and nothing terrible will pop up to torment us. I think the only thing against that is it’s still April and Halloween’s far away. On the other hand, maybe the Forces That Be might switched things around because following traditions is getting boring and think things need to get mixed up!

[Atsuro, no.]

Still… It kind of say something that after a while, I try to pinpoint any patterns in these sorts of things. Like sure, it might make some things easier. But on the other hand, somehow, this place always find a way to really surprise you when you don’t expect it. Like when you think you get into a routine and starting to think everything’s normal? Surprise!

Or maybe the surprise this time is just these feathers. Who knows?

...This is rather rambly. The thought of my fourth anniversary is coming up still get to me.
[That and the dull aching homesickness.] So I guess I want to vent out my feelings into any topic.

But I’m still open to anniversary ideas. I’m in Goldenrod right now, if that helps with thinking up suggestions!

...Do you think it’s a bad idea to use these feathers as a quill pen?

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Something I just learned very recently.

Ditto smell and taste like old gum, with a bit of wild nature from the grass. I wouldn't recommend trying to taste your own Dittos, however.

[There's a story behind this, of course.]

Just be careful while on the road.

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[Okay, no more distractions like playing that new game or taking care of his new Pokemon. He can finally sit down and type this up when he's not braindead.]

Quick question for the network.

Did anyone get any headaches during those earthquakes a while back? I want to know if it's just a few of us, or if there's an ominous connection and it's like foreshadowing something big?

[He didn't know about the Nightmare Castle connection, yet.]
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[In the light of certain events, such as how Saffron is still like an action movie and full of explosions (or mock explosions? It’s hard to tell), there’s a rather frantic text message on the network.]


[So there’s a frantic Porygon-Z capslocking on the network, because, well, Fortran was around when Atsuro fell asleep last time during the Shedinja incident. Asterisk was there at the time, back when she was a young Cleffa. So...bad memories all around.


(OOC: Atsuro's in a mod approved canon update coma! He'll be back next week on June 11th aka his birthday with postgame memories!)

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[Compared to his post last week, this one is...reasonably less silly. After all, a glance at the date told him all he needs to know. Well, he’s reminded of it again after remembering a friend’s--who’s not even here--birthday the other day.

Hahah...yet another friend’s birthday went by.

And it was so close to his anniversary here.

This is more for long time residents, but others can pitch in if they want.

I’ve been here for almost three years, with my anniversary being practically tomorrow. I could go all sappy and type out a lot of stuff here, but I guess I’m reminded of how long I’ve been here. Between travelling and staying in each cities for some time (a couple less than others, because not all of them are as convenient as the bigger cities).

I’m still travelling around Kanto right now, but once I’m done, I might get a house for my Pokemon and myself.

Basically, any suggestions or advices for seeking a house? Ideally somewhere where my bigger Pokemon can go around, but I can handle a good backyard for Unit 01 (my Golurk, by the way).

...Also, friendly to slimes from our slimey friends.


I’m looking at either Goldenrod, Celadon or Saffron because of the department stores and/or train station.

Otherwise, well, this is Atsuro Kihara, still here for the third year in a row.

[Or...less? That time when he literally blinked out of existence for a month was still freaky as hell.]
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[After the prom, Atsuro used the Ace Trainer’s services to return to Goldenrod to pick a few things up from the department stores. Other than equipments and references he needs for programming, he also pick up a Dubious Disc to study. He’s been planning on taking a look into its contents, but he haven’t save up enough until now.

Not when he’s also saving up money for a possible investment into a house for himself and his Pokemon.

It’s after he take a good look into the Dubious Disc and dig in as much as he can, that he typed up a post to the network.

Did anyone else look at what’s inside the Dubious Disc? The data inside is what cause Porygon2 to evolve into a Porygon-Z via trading. Which isn’t all that strange, since the Porygon line are made of data.

So I looked inside and I found some weird stuff. I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm it as well, or I lucked out in getting a weird copy to study.

dubious data...? )
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[One day, something shows up on the screen. It looks like a pixel sprite of something.

In the background, there seems to be falling poffins of many different colours. After a while, text begin to show up and a small Porygon is bouncing around at the corner of the screen.

Poff Poff Poff!
Poff Poff Poff!
Press the BUTTON! Poke the Poffin!
Make more Poffins!_

[It seems like someone wants people to make more Poffins. And that someone is Fortran, Atsuro’s Porygon, who’s hijacking its trainer’s PokeGear. It has been a while since it did it.]

How many will you make?
But don’t cheat or I will know, you jerks!_

[It can totally make better stuff than whatever Atsuro’s making for that programming business.

After a while, his trainer may show up...

(OOC: Poffin version of Cookie Clicker by Fortran. Warning: it’s easy to waste time on Cookie Clicker. Just let me know if you want Atsuro to pop up.)
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Never expected to end up on a museum’s roof during that craziness. And stuck there for a while.

[The camera shows movements, as Atsuro walks down the stairs in the museum to the lower floors. He turns his ‘Gear to show some of the exhibits, as well as his Clefairy looking at some of them, before turning the screen to his face.]

I take it most people end up somewhere else entirely? I went from Fuchsia to...Pewter, I think. I’ll check in a moment. [Ah, there’s the reception area.] Where did you guys end up in? You get bonus points if you have a funny story to go with it. Even if you don’t have a funny story, just tell me anyway. I’m curious.

[Is he forgetting something?]

Oh yeah. Today’s also my birthday! I’d probably eat out with my Pokemon later. [Give the birthday boy guy your birthday greetings! Asterisk runs over to him, giving her trainer a celebratory cry. Happy birthday, Atsuro!] Thanks, Asterisk.

...It’s kinda weird to think I’m twenty years old already... If I was back home right now, I would be attending college right now and getting ready to enter the workforce.

Lemme spring up another question, if you're home right now, what would you be doing at your current age?
[So at some point in the afternoon, a text post appear on the network.]

NAME: Atsuro Kihara
SEX: Male
AGE: 19 20
OFFERS: Company, weirdness, programming skills, being a good house husband
SEEKING: One person to date him. Guy or girl. At least near his age or looks like it. Stupid trai He needs to date someone.

Please respond if interested._

[Guess whose Porygon went inside the PokeGear...

Some time after that post went up, another text appear.

Please ignore that post! My Porygon put it up, not me!
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It’s not weird to celebrate your friend’s birthday even if they’re no longer here, right?

[It’s a question from out of the blue. But Atsuro thought of it when he checked the date and remembered what’s on Tuesday. For all of his teasing, he won’t deny that he miss seeing Yuzu around. Her, him, Keisuke, Naoya... It’s just another big reminder that he’s the only one left from his world here.

Despite Yuzu not being here any more, Atsuro kind of want to make up for forgetting her birthday last year by acknowledging it in some way. What can he do? Practise Mom's recipes until this world brings her or the others here? Buy a present and hold onto it?

With a sigh, he glanced at the date again.

...Speaking of dates, the anniversary of his arrival in this world is coming soon. Just merely a few days after Yuzu’s birthday. Man, he’s been here for that long already? He thought about it sometimes, but the calendar brought it up again. He's still himself, just older. Maybe a little more mature in some aspects. After a moment to think about it, he continue typing, but about a different topic.

Other than that, for all gamers and people who play them: Are there any classic or old school games you miss playing and we don’t already have this world’s version on the PokéGear yet?

Even if you’re not much of a gamer, or you never have video games in your world: what part of the PokéGear’s games make them enjoyable to you?

[Instead of talking about his upcoming anniversary, he stick to something else. It would lead up to a possible project...if he can get it done in before his self-appointed deadline. It'd be a good productive use of his time between his work and training his Pokemon.]
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[Today is the day. It’s a day no one else, except for the young man’s friend and his Pokemon, know about. That might be due to never mentioning his birthday to anyone else. Atsuro loves getting presents, but he also don’t want to trouble his friends more than they need to.

He’s been getting better at telling people, but his Pokemon can tell when he hide and retreats. This shouldn’t continue on his birthday.

So after urging its friend, Fortran the Porygon went inside the PokeGear, as Asterisk the Clefairy holds it for it. Time to announce it and without the typical computing sequences it did, the last time it talk to the network.

Today is June 11th. It is also the date of Atsuro Kihara’s birthday, where he will turn 19 years old. If you like him, get my stupid trainer a gift or something.

[There, that should do it.]

Hey, Asterisk! Have you seen my PokeGear?


The stupid birthday boy is coming.

Asterisk—Why are you holding it like that? Wait, don’t tell me Fortran’s inside!?

Eep! Um, no! Not yet!

[There’s some sounds of movements, before the recording ends.

If anyone want to meet up with Atsuro, he'll be at Goldenrod's Breeding Centre. Souji did say Atsuro can come over to stay, so the young programmer's been taking him up on that offer. But in the long term? He's still thinking about it.

Right now, he need to talk with his Clefairy and Porygon.]
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Hiro and Naoya went home.

If anyone found their Pokemon, please take care of them.

[That's it. Atsuro stare down at his PokeGear, before he eventually press 'send'. Antec, his Lanturn and closest Pokemon, is watching him with a worried expression.]

(ooc: Late post about it for a number of reasons, but here it is!)
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[When he woke up, Atsuro was surprised to see Asterisk with a Plusle. A very familiar Plusle who looks rather sad.]

Wait...Kodama? [The Plusle nods, confirming his name, but Atsuro only grew more worried.] Why are you here? Where's Ted?

[Instead of answering, Kodama just look upset and even sadder. Asterisk hugs him, while her trainer was confused.]

Okay, I'll call him right now.

[Grabbing his PokeGear, he try to connect to Ted: THE NUMBER YOU ARE TRYING TO CONTACT IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE]


[Again, he try to reach for Ted. A part of him already know what this mean, or suspected.


...Dammit, Ted.

Unless this is a bad joke, I think Ted's gone. His Plusle, Kodama, is with me.

[It's the first time he personally deal with this, so he feels...rather down enough to stick to text. He's not sure how well his self-control will last with video or audio.]
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[It is now evening. While Atsuro went to another room to handle some things at the Violet City Inn, Fortran the Porygon noticed that its trainer left the PokeGear behind.

After checking that no one else is around, it floats over to the utterly lonely and defenceless PokeGear.

And went in.

To anyone that's checking the various channels, they might come across...this.

> ... )

[After a while later, Atsuro would eventually return to get his PokeGear.]

What the--Hey!

(ooc: So, you can either reply to Fortran having fun and probably sending you nonsensical (or is it?) replies, after Atsuro manage to get the 'Gear back under control or action it up if you're in the area.)


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