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[He’s gone. Keisuke’s gone.

Atsuro should’ve known this would happen, again. That Johto would take him away, just like it easily brought his friend here. But a part of him believed both him and Keisuke could try settling in Johto, or even Kanto, for the long term. If they can’t leave this world, then it might not be all that bad.

But just like that, Johto just shattered his idle thoughts for that idea very easily.

He wonders why he’s still here so for long. Everyone else he knows went home, but he’s still here for over a year and went through two birthdays. Is there someone who decides who comes in and leave, or is it truly random?

Atsuro cancelled the automatic message, which told him about Keisuke’s number being out of service, and ready himself for an announcement.

Hey, guys… [Dammit, his tone of voice makes it too obvious about his feelings. Keisuke’s departure shakes him up more than he expected. He almost switches over to text. Texting is easier for him to tell lies and control what he can “say” to people, unlike talking.


He stare at the incomplete, unsent text, before going back to recording his voice. He won’t hide behind letters, this time.

After a while of silence, Atsuro’s back and talking. He’s calmer now, but calm doesn’t mean he’s feeling any better.

For anyone that knows him, Keisuke Takagi’s back home now. I got four of his Pokemon with me. [Andromeda, the Gardevoir, just sit down next to him. The psychic type can easily read his emotions and mood.] Did anyone else got the rest of his Pokemon?

[What goes unsaid is the obvious “I hope you take care of them”. He knows he will, but Atsuro wonders if Keisuke’s Pokemon will be fine under new trainers.]

...Thanks for taking a moment out of your time to listen.

[If anyone want to see Atsuro, he'd be sitting outside on a bench in Goldenrod. With him is a Gardevoir, who's still sitting next to him, and a Jumpluff on his lap.] this rate, I don't really need to catch any new Pokemon.

[Hah, yeah, that's not really funny.]
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[Today is the day. It’s a day no one else, except for the young man’s friend and his Pokemon, know about. That might be due to never mentioning his birthday to anyone else. Atsuro loves getting presents, but he also don’t want to trouble his friends more than they need to.

He’s been getting better at telling people, but his Pokemon can tell when he hide and retreats. This shouldn’t continue on his birthday.

So after urging its friend, Fortran the Porygon went inside the PokeGear, as Asterisk the Clefairy holds it for it. Time to announce it and without the typical computing sequences it did, the last time it talk to the network.

Today is June 11th. It is also the date of Atsuro Kihara’s birthday, where he will turn 19 years old. If you like him, get my stupid trainer a gift or something.

[There, that should do it.]

Hey, Asterisk! Have you seen my PokeGear?


The stupid birthday boy is coming.

Asterisk—Why are you holding it like that? Wait, don’t tell me Fortran’s inside!?

Eep! Um, no! Not yet!

[There’s some sounds of movements, before the recording ends.

If anyone want to meet up with Atsuro, he'll be at Goldenrod's Breeding Centre. Souji did say Atsuro can come over to stay, so the young programmer's been taking him up on that offer. But in the long term? He's still thinking about it.

Right now, he need to talk with his Clefairy and Porygon.]