babel_hacker: (Startled - I got rickrolled!?)
[Hello, Johto! Are you having a good day? Hope you don't mind hearing some surprised 'what the--?!' from your PokeGear.]

Whoa, seriously? All three of them...? [Atsuro can be seen kneeling down on the floor, looking at his newly hatched Growlithe and Poochyena. There's a Cleffa in his arms, who is clinging close to him, as he wonders how to handle his new Pokemon. Especially since his Poochyena attempts to bite Growlithe, who growls back.]

Hey, take it easy!


[Apparently, Antec got a hold of his PokeGear and is holding onto it to film his trainer trying to deal with Growlithe and Poochyena, as Cleffa clings hard to him.]

(ooc: Because I'm slightly impatient.)