babel_hacker: (Thinking | Is that so?)
Hello, this is Fortran.
It's been a while since I sneak onto here!
I rather not do this,
but on behalf of my most Fair and Wondrous Friend.
I am here to let you all know about Stupid Trainer's upcoming birthday._

[Even after all this time, the Porygon-Z sure doesn't stop calling its trainer that.]

June 11th.
Mark your calendar and send him presents if you know him.
Ideally, while throwing said presents into his face.
But the back of his head works as well.
He gotta keep his reflexes up._

[Why does Atsuro even keep it around...]

I guess we're staying in Goldenrod for a while.
Then just text Stupid Trainer for his location.

That's it, I guess.

...Oh yeah, Stupid Trainer's name is Atsuro Kihara.

P.S. He likes the leafiest of leafy green salads._

[No, Atsuro doesn't.]