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[It’s very, very cold.

Well, why wouldn’t it be? This route is practically covered in snow. Wait, where did the snow come from? The weather is just foggy, not snowing.

Hee hoooo!

[But before anyone can ponder it for too long, snowballs are flying! It’s a snowball fight! And these strange snowmen are throwing them! (Which may be somewhat familiar looking to some people…)

Not that far from them, Atsuro can be seen playing, er, competing in the snowball fight with the Jack Frosts and hiding behind a tree. If he notices someone, he would call out to them before he throw a newly made snowball at his opponents.

Hey! Get out of there, unless you want to get hit!

[Why is he playing along? Why not? At least the Jack Frosts aren't actively trying to kill people, and he can keep an eye on them.]
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[Instead of a brightly lit room or the great outdoors, Atsuro seems to be inside a cave. He tug his hat down a little, almost protectively.]

So, either I’m in Mt. Mortar or Mt. Moon. If anyone asks, I have no idea how I get here from Pallet. [Beside the usual suspects. “The world did it” or “a Pokémon did it”.] Also, did anyone else got their supplies changed? I got more Potions than I remember since I did an inventory check. Calciums, too. Which I might give away since I'm pretty sure my team would get tired of having a lot of vitamins.

[He’s walking along with Asterisk out. The Clefairy seems to be at home, walking with confidence. Until they accidentally kicked a pebble.

And suddenly, Zubat swarm. Oh shi--


[Clicks. Gotta deal with these Zubats. Or run away because of the sheer numbers…!]
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[For anyone checking out Fuchsia’s movie sets, or even walking around the city, you might hear a voice. Or several voices.]

Hee ho!

Hey, stop!

[When you turn to look, you would see Atsuro riding a Cerberus and chasing after a group of Jack Frosts. If you’re unlucky, you might get hit by a stray ice spells from the Fairy demons.

...And, uh, better get out of the way.
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[It’s another normal day for Atsuro. By this point, he’s gotten used to Vermilion and using his time to both train his Pokémon and earn money. As an adult, he have to work adult hours, so he have to make the most of his free time.

Before he leaves for work, he went outside of Vermilion after breakfast to do some early training in Route 7. Antec the Lanturn doesn’t need the extra training, but Atsuro brought him along out of fondness and safety precaution. The Pokémon he’s about to train, his lower levelled ones, aren’t as strong as his main team.

...Hm? Something the matter, Antec?

[As his starter and first Pokémon, Atsuro have long since learned how to read and communicate with Antec. Yeah, he can speak Pokémon, but they can still tell each other what they need to.

He looks from watching Bufu’s training to Antec, noting the wary expression in his trusted partner’s eyes. Glancing up, his eyes gaze around them carefully.

Until something jumped out.

When he turns on his PokéGear's video feed, sounds of roaring and battling can be heard coming through the speakers.

Hey, guys, be careful around Route 7 outside of Vermilion. Dunno how, but there’s some demons around here—Antec, Ice Beam!—from my world, so be careful.

[People can come to check things out, either during one of the skirmishes with a demon or after the battles. If it’s afterwards, Atsuro can be seen talking with a Cerberus with his Nintendo DS COMP in his hand.]
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Hey, my COMP's here!

[Excited and a little suspicious, he grins and turn to the network.]

Midori! If you can hear this, my COMP's here along with my friends! ['Demons'] Is it the same for you?

Oh, right. There seem to be a lot of new people around. [Which is oddly familiar, somehow.] So welcome to Johto! I'm Atsuro Kihara and I'll try to answer any questions you might have.

[After that message, he's messing around with his COMP and surrounded by...creatures that are not Pokemon. What.]


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