babel_hacker: (Startled | /KEYBOARD SMASH)
[Atsuro have been busy for the past week. Between working, training his Pokemon and chipping away at his latest programming project (a game based on one from his childhood), he didn’t have a lot of free time to himself. But lately, he feel a sense of… something foreboding in the air.

Like as if something is waiting, watching, for an opening from him. But that can’t be right… right? Maybe he’s overthinking it.

But it’s hard for him to think about it, when it seemed like his Pokemon are acting a little more unruly than before. So that would be why, after saving his work and walking away from his laptop, that Atsuro idly brought up his PokeGear and turns it on for a broadcast.

Have you ever feel like there’s something in the air, as if something is waiting to happen? Like the calm before the storm?

[For anyone paying attention, they might hear the sounds of Pokemon talking to each other. And if they can understand their language, it sounded like they’re counting down…]

Or maybe it’s the call of the road, asking me to get down and dirty by travelling again.

[3… 2… 1... GO!]

Or maybe I want to chat because I’ve been staring at programming code for far too long and needed a bre--AH!

[The view suddenly spins, as Atsuro found himself being tackled by his current Pokemon team. He dropped his PokeGear as a result, showing nothing but darkness. Mainly because it’s facing down on the floor. There’s the sounds of Atsuro’s muffled voice and questions, “what are you guys doing?” “Get off!” “Naoya, help!”.

A moment later, someone picked up the fallen PokeGear. Turning it around to show an… upside down view of a Clefable, before she turned it right way up and pointed the camera to Atsuro under a pile of five Pokemon.

Happy birthday, Atsuro. Get buried in Pokemon.