babel_hacker: (AT-LOW | The Apprentice)
[On the screen is one Atsuro Kihara, looking pretty well after he woke up from the strange and unusual coma. If there’s any signs of him being affected by it, he’s not showing it. Gotta keep being normal and all that, plus he is doing well and is back in action.

Speaking of which, he raise hand in a wave and give a grin.

Hey! Just letting you guys know I’m now starting as a freelancing programmer under AT-LOW Apps. [Did Atsuro just decided to use his usual Internet handle for this? Yes, he did.] If you ever need a program made or an app for the ‘Gear, give me a call and we can discuss the details. The commission price will be based on how difficult it is to make them, so keep that in mind if you want to do business.

[In case there’s unexpected difficulties…]

Otherwise, I’m also working on making games. You’d know if I make them if you see “AT-LOW” in the credits. If you do and give them a try, I’d appreciate feedback on them!

[Hey, he might be a good programmer, but Atsuro will admit he’s only human.]

For everyone else--[Is that another Atsuro draping over Atsuro? No worries, it’s his Zoroark. The real Atsuro leans forward a little, adjusting his stance to Cassie’s weight against his. Cassie smiles and wave at the screen.]--I got myself the Substitute TM, but I haven’t really use it that often. Anyone got some good advice or general strategies for it?