babel_hacker: (Checking the time)
[Now that’s a familiar face. For anyone that’s been paying attention, Atsuro wasn't seen on the network for a while, which is usually odd even with distractions. He looks at his PokeGear, the young man looking a bit baffled if anything.]

So, guys. Just verify this for me. Today is September 18th, right? And not August 27th? ‘cuz last I check, it was still August. I don’t know if it’s just me, the dates got changed or the world got hit by a fast forward button.

[A pause, before he continues. Behind him is a Jumpluff drifting around, going up a little higher when the Pokemon Center’s doors open and the breeze flows inside.]

And I’m pretty sure I was about to leave for Cerulean from Pewter. But somehow, I’m over at Cinnabar Island’s Pokemon Center the next moment.

[His mind is buzzing with various ideas, speculations based on his theories he made about this world. A world that literally works on video game physics, a virtual reality simulation aimed to train Pokemon for an army (his personal favourite theory, yet to be proven)...

Some kind of "glitch"?]

So I could’ve gotten hit by a random teleportation, but I need an explanation for going from August to September. I know I didn’t go into those comas, since my Pokemon can back that up. Or I went home and returned, because my roster’s numbers is still the same.

[As Atsuro talks, or rather speaking his thoughts out loud, his Jumpluff landed on his hat wearing head and shake her cotton-like spores like a cheerleader. The screen shake a little when Atsuro set down his PokeGear, freeing his hands to reach up and take her off his head.]

If you have any possible ideas, let me know.

(OOC: To explain away Atsuro’s absence, he got hit by the Glitch Technique.)