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[Atsuro have been busy for the past week. Between working, training his Pokemon and chipping away at his latest programming project (a game based on one from his childhood), he didn’t have a lot of free time to himself. But lately, he feel a sense of… something foreboding in the air.

Like as if something is waiting, watching, for an opening from him. But that can’t be right… right? Maybe he’s overthinking it.

But it’s hard for him to think about it, when it seemed like his Pokemon are acting a little more unruly than before. So that would be why, after saving his work and walking away from his laptop, that Atsuro idly brought up his PokeGear and turns it on for a broadcast.

Have you ever feel like there’s something in the air, as if something is waiting to happen? Like the calm before the storm?

[For anyone paying attention, they might hear the sounds of Pokemon talking to each other. And if they can understand their language, it sounded like they’re counting down…]

Or maybe it’s the call of the road, asking me to get down and dirty by travelling again.

[3… 2… 1... GO!]

Or maybe I want to chat because I’ve been staring at programming code for far too long and needed a bre--AH!

[The view suddenly spins, as Atsuro found himself being tackled by his current Pokemon team. He dropped his PokeGear as a result, showing nothing but darkness. Mainly because it’s facing down on the floor. There’s the sounds of Atsuro’s muffled voice and questions, “what are you guys doing?” “Get off!” “Naoya, help!”.

A moment later, someone picked up the fallen PokeGear. Turning it around to show an… upside down view of a Clefable, before she turned it right way up and pointed the camera to Atsuro under a pile of five Pokemon.

Happy birthday, Atsuro. Get buried in Pokemon.
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On June 11th, a young man woke up... )


[A familiar face pops up on the network, even though he’s currently hatless at the moment. He gives the PokeGear a sheepish grin. There’s a Clefairy sitting on his lap and looking up.]

So, looks like this world sent me to sleep and wake me up on my birthday. Which is kinda funny, if it didn’t make my team worried about me.

[He pauses for a moment.]

But seriously, this was one of those coma sleeps that gives you new memories when you wake up I heard about. It’s one thing to hear about other people dealing with it, but it’s another thing to experience it for yourself. It’s...well, weird going from being 20 to 17 and back here as...21?

[Help, the age thing is too weird for him.]

I guess that’s what I have to say at the moment, other than talking to the Nurse Joys about leaving. So… I’m back, guys.
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Never expected to end up on a museum’s roof during that craziness. And stuck there for a while.

[The camera shows movements, as Atsuro walks down the stairs in the museum to the lower floors. He turns his ‘Gear to show some of the exhibits, as well as his Clefairy looking at some of them, before turning the screen to his face.]

I take it most people end up somewhere else entirely? I went from Fuchsia to...Pewter, I think. I’ll check in a moment. [Ah, there’s the reception area.] Where did you guys end up in? You get bonus points if you have a funny story to go with it. Even if you don’t have a funny story, just tell me anyway. I’m curious.

[Is he forgetting something?]

Oh yeah. Today’s also my birthday! I’d probably eat out with my Pokemon later. [Give the birthday boy guy your birthday greetings! Asterisk runs over to him, giving her trainer a celebratory cry. Happy birthday, Atsuro!] Thanks, Asterisk.

...It’s kinda weird to think I’m twenty years old already... If I was back home right now, I would be attending college right now and getting ready to enter the workforce.

Lemme spring up another question, if you're home right now, what would you be doing at your current age?
[So at some point in the afternoon, a text post appear on the network.]

NAME: Atsuro Kihara
SEX: Male
AGE: 19 20
OFFERS: Company, weirdness, programming skills, being a good house husband
SEEKING: One person to date him. Guy or girl. At least near his age or looks like it. Stupid trai He needs to date someone.

Please respond if interested._

[Guess whose Porygon went inside the PokeGear...

Some time after that post went up, another text appear.

Please ignore that post! My Porygon put it up, not me!
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[Today is the day. It’s a day no one else, except for the young man’s friend and his Pokemon, know about. That might be due to never mentioning his birthday to anyone else. Atsuro loves getting presents, but he also don’t want to trouble his friends more than they need to.

He’s been getting better at telling people, but his Pokemon can tell when he hide and retreats. This shouldn’t continue on his birthday.

So after urging its friend, Fortran the Porygon went inside the PokeGear, as Asterisk the Clefairy holds it for it. Time to announce it and without the typical computing sequences it did, the last time it talk to the network.

Today is June 11th. It is also the date of Atsuro Kihara’s birthday, where he will turn 19 years old. If you like him, get my stupid trainer a gift or something.

[There, that should do it.]

Hey, Asterisk! Have you seen my PokeGear?


The stupid birthday boy is coming.

Asterisk—Why are you holding it like that? Wait, don’t tell me Fortran’s inside!?

Eep! Um, no! Not yet!

[There’s some sounds of movements, before the recording ends.

If anyone want to meet up with Atsuro, he'll be at Goldenrod's Breeding Centre. Souji did say Atsuro can come over to stay, so the young programmer's been taking him up on that offer. But in the long term? He's still thinking about it.

Right now, he need to talk with his Clefairy and Porygon.]