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[The PokeGear started recording by accident, letting in the startled yet worried cries from a Phanpy and a Sneasel. For anyone who look, it’s obvious enough.

The PokeGear is on the ground, showing the view from a rather familiar angle. This isn’t the first time the network see a recording like this, after all.

Well, somewhat.

Whoa, wait a sec...!

[Atsuro is at Route 35, hoping to train some of his younger Pokemon against the wild Pokemon. He hopes to make up for lost time when some of his Pokemon made him rest in bed for the past few days. His headaches are gone, but his skin changed to look more...discoloured. And it's cackling with what looks like electricity.

But that’s not the most pressing matter at the moment. Why? A male Nidoran is attacking Atsuro, trying to hit him with Poison Sting. Atsuro moves to dodge it, almost as if he dealt with attacking animals before. It’s almost like dealing with a demon again. But he won't dwell on that thought for very long and shouts out a command.

Bufu, use Ice Shard!

[His Sneasel leaps in, using Ice Shard to try and take down the Nidoran. It hit, but the wild Pokemon continue his going after Atsuro. The trainer moves back, until he’s out of the PokeGear’s view.]

Use Slam, Nalagiri—[There’s a startled cry, follow by a flash of...electricity.]

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