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[Compared to his post last week, this one is...reasonably less silly. After all, a glance at the date told him all he needs to know. Well, he’s reminded of it again after remembering a friend’s--who’s not even here--birthday the other day.

Hahah...yet another friend’s birthday went by.

And it was so close to his anniversary here.

This is more for long time residents, but others can pitch in if they want.

I’ve been here for almost three years, with my anniversary being practically tomorrow. I could go all sappy and type out a lot of stuff here, but I guess I’m reminded of how long I’ve been here. Between travelling and staying in each cities for some time (a couple less than others, because not all of them are as convenient as the bigger cities).

I’m still travelling around Kanto right now, but once I’m done, I might get a house for my Pokemon and myself.

Basically, any suggestions or advices for seeking a house? Ideally somewhere where my bigger Pokemon can go around, but I can handle a good backyard for Unit 01 (my Golurk, by the way).

...Also, friendly to slimes from our slimey friends.


I’m looking at either Goldenrod, Celadon or Saffron because of the department stores and/or train station.

Otherwise, well, this is Atsuro Kihara, still here for the third year in a row.

[Or...less? That time when he literally blinked out of existence for a month was still freaky as hell.]