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[Atsuro have been busy for the past week. Between working, training his Pokemon and chipping away at his latest programming project (a game based on one from his childhood), he didn’t have a lot of free time to himself. But lately, he feel a sense of… something foreboding in the air.

Like as if something is waiting, watching, for an opening from him. But that can’t be right… right? Maybe he’s overthinking it.

But it’s hard for him to think about it, when it seemed like his Pokemon are acting a little more unruly than before. So that would be why, after saving his work and walking away from his laptop, that Atsuro idly brought up his PokeGear and turns it on for a broadcast.

Have you ever feel like there’s something in the air, as if something is waiting to happen? Like the calm before the storm?

[For anyone paying attention, they might hear the sounds of Pokemon talking to each other. And if they can understand their language, it sounded like they’re counting down…]

Or maybe it’s the call of the road, asking me to get down and dirty by travelling again.

[3… 2… 1... GO!]

Or maybe I want to chat because I’ve been staring at programming code for far too long and needed a bre--AH!

[The view suddenly spins, as Atsuro found himself being tackled by his current Pokemon team. He dropped his PokeGear as a result, showing nothing but darkness. Mainly because it’s facing down on the floor. There’s the sounds of Atsuro’s muffled voice and questions, “what are you guys doing?” “Get off!” “Naoya, help!”.

A moment later, someone picked up the fallen PokeGear. Turning it around to show an… upside down view of a Clefable, before she turned it right way up and pointed the camera to Atsuro under a pile of five Pokemon.

Happy birthday, Atsuro. Get buried in Pokemon.
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[In Goldenrod, there is a familiar pair of Pokemon. Atsuro’s Clefairy and Porygon are doing their usual filming duty for their trainer. Asterisk the Clefairy is also wearing Atsuro’s hat, as she hold his PokeGear and sit on Fortran. But wait, where is Atsuro?

If you follow the PokeGear’s line of sight, there’s something in the sky. Wait, what’s that in the sky?

Is it a Pidgeot?
Is it a plane?


[Flying above Goldenrod is a large Golurk, with Atsuro riding on its back. That’s right, folks, there’s a flying ghost mecha above the city.]

This is awesoooooooooooooome…!
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[April 18th.

It’s been a year since he arrived in Johto. Since he woke up in New Bark Town, greeted cheerfully by “Mom” and ushered out on his journey with Antec, his starter.

Antec, who used to be his quirky Chinchou. Now he’s an Lanturn, still quirky as ever with how he continue confused his trainer. What with how the water type Pokemon can manoeuvre on land. But after many months, Atsuro have gotten used to the sight.

That morning, he went to the Pokemon Center and switched his team around to his first, six Pokemon: Antec, Loupe, Asterisk, Pascal, Ada and Fortron. None of them as Fly-users, but he doesn’t mind. The young programmer isn’t planning on flying anywhere, just yet.

Exiting the Pokemon Center, Atsuro walks out with Antec next to him. The Lanturn follows his trainer, a bit confused but doesn’t speak up. Yet.
] You know what today is, Antec?

Lanturn? [Well, no?]

...Today’s the day when we first met. [Standing at the entrance, facing Route 34, he makes his way over toward where the water is. A moment later, he let out his entire team. A Raticate, a Clefairy, Arcanine, Mightyena and a Porygon join his Lanturn. His team, his first, original team, watches their trainer. Only Antec, as his most loyal and longest Pokemon partner, knows what’s going on.

And then, Atsuro crouches down next to his starter and hug him.
] Happy anniversary, Antec. I’m glad to have you and everyone as my Pokemon.

[His team watch, before they come closer to their trainer for a group hug. Happy anniversary, Atsuro.

Well, okay, it might be a bit hard for some of them to hug him but there’s snuggling and all around happy feeling sharing.

Although, this might be a strange sight to see for anyone wandering nearby. Whoops.
[Later on, while watching his Pokemon play by the water, Atsuro stare at his PokeGear and before he finally turns it on.]

Happy anniversary, everyone. Today marks my first full year in Johto, for those who don’t know. I’m gonna aim for Kanto’s gyms next, but I won’t be leaving any time soon. So if you need me, I’ll still be here in Goldenrod.

...But I’m wondering about something. After getting all the badges from both Johto and Kanto, what’s next?

[Filtered to Souji]
Yo, Souji. I’m swinging by.


Hope you don’t mind having a nerd coming over to the Breeding Center for you.
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[It was another normal day at Olivine. Atsuro was just waking up from another peaceful sleep.

Clearly, this means his peaceful morning must be disturbed.

Yawning, he got out of bed and did a double-take when he see eggs. A batch of eggs with Asterisk looking rather embarrassed, but she's standing in front of them

What the...? Where did they come from? Wait, never mind that, who's the father, Asterisk?


[Sighing, he thinks back. Let's see, Asterisk hang out with Fortran, his other Pokemon and...Ted's Pokemon. From what he knows about his team, they're not interested in Asterisk. Are they even compatible to breed with Clefairies?

After talking with Asterisk, he looks around the inn for Ted. Where are you, buster? 8|

Some time after that, he turns on the PokeGear to video for a broadcast.

Hey, guys! I got four Cleffa eggs here and I couldn't take care of all of them at once. [Because three eggs at once that time was enough for him.] I'm not gonna charge for them, just that they go to trainers that can take care of them. At the moment, I'm over at Olivine, but I can have the eggs deliver to you if you're somewhere else.

[Filtered to Ted:]
Ted, where are you? [8|]

(ooc: OOC eggs claim post is here! All eggs are claimed, but other characters are free to comment.)
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[The PokeGear seems to be filming from the air, as Asterisk the Cleffa carry it while riding Fortran the Porygon. Atsuro smiles and wave at them, while a Lanturn, Nidorina and a Spearow can be seen near him. Both the Lanturn and Nidorina are talking with each other, while the Spearow just fly around.]

Yo! Atsuro here, still way over at Cianwood. Not much happened since my last broadcast, well, beside me going to the Safari Zone for some Pokemon and some evolutions. But other than that, nothing much. Though, I am gonna catch the ferry tomorrow for Olivine.

[As long all goes well. He looks at his Lanturn.]

Antec here evolved last week into a Lanturn. [Don't ask how the fish can move around on land. Don't.] Still the same as always, just look different now!

There's Agena over here, my Nidorina. She was a female Nidoran, but she evolved recently.
[Dude, where did Atsuro get these name ideas from?

Still smiling, he looks around and his eyes following his Spearow

And lastly, there's my Spearow... [He pause, seems to have notice something off screen.] Eh? What's tha...

[He didn't get a chance to finish it, before he suddenly fall to the ground.]

Lanturn? [Eh?]

Clef...Cleffa? Cleffa!

[Asterisk drop the PokeGear, as Fortran hovers over to join the other Pokemon around their fallen trainer.]

(ooc: Soulnapped! Expect replies from worried and frantic Pokemon. Anyone in Cianwood is free to [action] it up.)
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[After 'Mom' rushed him out of the house (which was really strange, since she's not his real, hard working mother), Atsuro's been checking out the PokeGear, studying its functions and basically memorising which buttons does what.

Soon, the video feed turns on, as he expected

...Okay, it should be on now! [There’s the sound of a happy ‘Chinchou!’, too. Atsuro looks down at the Pokemon, still in shock, as well as...giddy and worried. He knows Pokemon, he especially played the games, so it’s a pleasant surprise to find himself in New Bark Town...his apparent home town?]

So anyone’s watching this? You don’t mind answering some of my questions? ‘cuz I want to be sure about some things.

[Is he really in New Bark Town for real, or is this all an illusion? A dream, maybe? Even if a part of him was happy to see Pokemon (even if this one was unfamiliar), he can’t help but be worried and feel unnerved. His speculative side takes over, thinking of possible ideas on ‘how’ and ‘why’.]

Do you know how I can get back to Tokyo? And is it normal to hear music like this? [Maybe he’s the odd one out here and everyone will think he’s weird for not thinking the music’s normal.] ...I’m probably weird for asking these stuff, huh?


So yeah, I’ll be grateful for any answers!


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