babel_hacker: (Ice Cream | Chillin')
[In the snow covered streets of Saffron and all geared up in his winter clothes, Atsuro is walking around the shops with his shiny Lillipup beside him. He’s mostly browsing around and getting ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and maybe find some good beans for Hiyoko.

After buying a hot chocolate from a coffee stand, his walk eventually leads him closer to the concert hall. He pause to look at it, with a thoughtful look.

Think we should try watching a performance here...? [He asks, looking down at his Lillipup...only to stare at her. Is that a Potion in her mouth?] ...Where did you get that Potion from this time?

[After questioning her, he turns on his PokéGear for a quick broadcast. It’s a pretty rare sight to see, Atsuro without his hat on and only his hoodie covering his hair.]

Is it normal for people to drop Potions and things a lot?

[Atsuro looks rather amused, as he hold up a Potion in front of the PokéGear. Are those bite marks on it?]

Or on the other hand, who else have their Pokémon finding things and bringing it over to you? And kind of keeps on doing it? Finder’s keeper or should I try to return them?

[He glance away, most likely to look at his Pokémon behind this recent broadcast. There’s a quick bark sound a moment later. If some people are familiar enough with it, it’s coming from a Lillipup.]

Other than that, those of you who’ve been in Saffron before: how’s the concert hall? Any good performances to go to, or people to keep an eye out for?

Thanks for taking the time to listen and possibly answering--okay, now where did you get that rope from?

[Don't mind him, Atsuro will be temporarily be away to deal with his Lillipup.]