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[Sometime today in Celadon Department Store...

Going into the toy section with his Klefki was, while not the worst, probably among the Top 10 bad decisions Atsuro Kihara have ever made in his life. Maybe the Top 15, at most.

So anyway, he's looking into the toys area because December is next month, which means Christmas! While it's early for Christmas shopping, Atsuro does like looking at toys. Some things are the same, or familiar but very much Pokemon-fied and others he didn't know was a thing. Plus, some of his Pokemon like the toys. It's a nice way to destress from shopping for other things in the store.

While he's distracted, his Klefki spy a shelf full of toy keys and floated over towards it. He started looking through them eagerly until...he accidentally made things fall from this shelf during his rummaging. Oops.

Eh? [That caught Atsuro's attention easily, and he turned around to see...his Klefki continuing to search through the pile of toys, boxed or not, on the ground.] What the--Mutex!?


[A while after that, the PokeGear's screen shows a Klefki looking rather pleased with himself and jingles his new keys so happily.]

...Guys, just keep a close eye on your Klefki while you're out shopping, or else you'll have to deal and possibly pay for the damages. [All of these keys come from different toys why.] Otherwise, you're basically stuck with them like this.

And please tell me yours have... [Not-toy keys? Real keys?] ...other type of keys beside these ones they get attached to.

[He feels like he jinxed himself with this back in September during a discussion.]
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[The video feed opens up to a house’s interior, most likely being held by a Pokemon due to the angle, height and the occasional sound from the holder. No matter where it’s pointing at, there’s a always at least one Pokemon on the screen. A couple of Pokemon seems to be heading towards the same direction...

The cameraman follows along, until they arrived at the living room full of Pokemon sitting down and listening to Atsuro telling them a story. Standing in front of him is his Glalie wearing a hat and a Chandelure with a...moustache?

It seems like Atsuro is narrating the story, and he changes his voice appropriately for the characters he’s speaking for.

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[It was another normal day at Olivine. Atsuro was just waking up from another peaceful sleep.

Clearly, this means his peaceful morning must be disturbed.

Yawning, he got out of bed and did a double-take when he see eggs. A batch of eggs with Asterisk looking rather embarrassed, but she's standing in front of them

What the...? Where did they come from? Wait, never mind that, who's the father, Asterisk?


[Sighing, he thinks back. Let's see, Asterisk hang out with Fortran, his other Pokemon and...Ted's Pokemon. From what he knows about his team, they're not interested in Asterisk. Are they even compatible to breed with Clefairies?

After talking with Asterisk, he looks around the inn for Ted. Where are you, buster? 8|

Some time after that, he turns on the PokeGear to video for a broadcast.

Hey, guys! I got four Cleffa eggs here and I couldn't take care of all of them at once. [Because three eggs at once that time was enough for him.] I'm not gonna charge for them, just that they go to trainers that can take care of them. At the moment, I'm over at Olivine, but I can have the eggs deliver to you if you're somewhere else.

[Filtered to Ted:]
Ted, where are you? [8|]

(ooc: OOC eggs claim post is here! All eggs are claimed, but other characters are free to comment.)
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[Atsuro's mostly started this video to let Daisuke know about the Porygon egg, and, well, showing off his team so far to the network. Which means going outside and filming his Pokemon with his 'Gear.]

Hey, Daisuke! My Porygon hatched a while ago and it's doing pretty well! I'm thinking of naming it Fortran.

[Yes, Fortran and no, he won't go for the obvious 'Polygon'. He move the 'Gear to show Porygon floating not far from him...while Cleffa's riding on its back. Yes, his young Cleffa is riding on Porygon's back and the artificial Pokemon is floating around, gently and smoothly.]

Those two seems to be getting along well, too. Asterisk's rather shy, so I'm glad they can be friends.


Antec, you can have your turn on Fortran...if it let you on. [Then the video moves down to show a Rattata next to Atsuro's feet. He's tugging at the trainer's pants with his teeth.] Loupe here's doing great as well. Though...he eats a lot, so I'll be looking into getting a job... Wait, let me guess, you want a snack?

[Even with his money managing skill, he don't want to run out at this rate. Geez.]

Alright, in a moment. Now, Antec's doing great, just waiting for his turn on Fortran. Man, he seems to want to try a lot of things...

[Then, he moves the 'Gear to finally show his Growlithe and Poochyena. Both canines are currently having a intense staring contest with each other. With determination.]

Some of you guys might remember them from last time, but they're Pascal and Ada. I'm pretty sure they think of each other as rivals.

[Okay, now there's growling.]

...Yeah, pretty sure. So that's my team so far. I won't be tackling the gym challenge any time soon, maybe until everyone here's strong enough for--Loupe, you can wait a little longer!

[The Rattata's been tugging at his pants, so Atsuro cut off the feed to deal with him. To anyone in Violet, they might see Atsuro dealing with his Rattata and talking to him. Or they might see Asterisk riding on Fortran.]