babel_hacker: (Humming)

[For anyone paying attention, they might notice Atsuro's at Ecruteak right now. Wait, when did he get there? Expecting that question, he bring out the Zephyr Badge.]

I've beaten Falkner hours ago and finally got the Zephyr Badge. Now I can finally ride on Vidofnir and fly to places! [Because sequence breaking is clearly the best way of tackling the gyms.] And it's rather surprising but cool that I have my own battle theme now! [~]

So anyway, that's why I'm in Ecruteak now so quickly. I will be stocking up for the trip to Mahogany in a moment.

[A pause, before he went on his next topic.]

According to the map, Mt. Mortar's in the way. Before I go, anyone with experience there can tell me what to expect? Or the trip over to Mahogany in general? I get that there will be mountain Pokemon, but what else?

(ooc: Mod-approved badge get! ♥)