babel_hacker: (Action - Readying Deathbound)
[It is now evening. While Atsuro went to another room to handle some things at the Violet City Inn, Fortran the Porygon noticed that its trainer left the PokeGear behind.

After checking that no one else is around, it floats over to the utterly lonely and defenceless PokeGear.

And went in.

To anyone that's checking the various channels, they might come across...this.

> ... )

[After a while later, Atsuro would eventually return to get his PokeGear.]

What the--Hey!

(ooc: So, you can either reply to Fortran having fun and probably sending you nonsensical (or is it?) replies, after Atsuro manage to get the 'Gear back under control or action it up if you're in the area.)