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[After 'Mom' rushed him out of the house (which was really strange, since she's not his real, hard working mother), Atsuro's been checking out the PokeGear, studying its functions and basically memorising which buttons does what.

Soon, the video feed turns on, as he expected

...Okay, it should be on now! [There’s the sound of a happy ‘Chinchou!’, too. Atsuro looks down at the Pokemon, still in shock, as well as...giddy and worried. He knows Pokemon, he especially played the games, so it’s a pleasant surprise to find himself in New Bark Town...his apparent home town?]

So anyone’s watching this? You don’t mind answering some of my questions? ‘cuz I want to be sure about some things.

[Is he really in New Bark Town for real, or is this all an illusion? A dream, maybe? Even if a part of him was happy to see Pokemon (even if this one was unfamiliar), he can’t help but be worried and feel unnerved. His speculative side takes over, thinking of possible ideas on ‘how’ and ‘why’.]

Do you know how I can get back to Tokyo? And is it normal to hear music like this? [Maybe he’s the odd one out here and everyone will think he’s weird for not thinking the music’s normal.] ...I’m probably weird for asking these stuff, huh?


So yeah, I’ll be grateful for any answers!