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That’s an easy win.

[’sup, Johto and Kanto. How are you this fine day. Well, other than that random hail last Tuesday. God, what’s with that random hail in the middle of spring.

Anyway, this is Atsuro in front of the Azalea Gym. Holding the Hive Badge in his hand, with his large Arcanine sitting next to him.
Then again, that’s what I get for solo-ing Bugsy with Pascal.

[Pascal give his trainer a look. C’mon, Atsuro, he want a good challenge.]

So that means I got all eight badges in Johto! Here’s hoping Kanto will give me a better challenge. I think most of my team are getting edgy from the lack of good challenges.

...Huh, I got all eight badges in less than a year. With all that time passing, I guess it’s pretty normal here.

[Oh yeah, he’s been here for almost a year... Atsuro would hit his first anniversary in a few weeks.]

So, everyone! What’s the Kanto gym leaders are like? I know about Sabrina, but what about the others?

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[There's no footage of the gym leader battle this time. Just Atsuro holding up the Rising Badge to the camera in front of the gym. As always, the camera crew is his Clefairy, who is riding on his Porygon. He don't really have the heart to break up such a good duo for all they do.]

Just got the Rising Badge! Only got one last badge to go before I hit all eight of them! [Wait, so this is his seventh badge?] I'll be going back to Goldenrod for the holidays before taking on Azalea's gym leader.

[A thoughtful pause.]

...Man, it's been eight months since I arrived here in Johto. A lot of things happened in that time. [A sigh, which is visible in the cold air.] At the rate I'm going, I'd have all eight badges before my first year here is done, even if I take it easy.

So, everyone... [He smile a little, but it seem too casual for his next question.] Do you feel like you accomplished a lot here?

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Gym Battle is a gooo )


[When it turns back on, Atsuro's outside of the gym. He flash the badge in front of the camera with a grin.]

Yo! I finally got my sixth badge! Which means I have two more to go until I got them all. [This would probably be odd, if he do the gym challenge in the normal order. But he's sequence breaking it, instead.] I'll just be staying in Mahogany for a while before finalising my travel plans.

But other than that? What do you guys think of my battle theme? [His grin grows wider.] Not bad, huh?
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[For anyone paying attention, they might notice Atsuro's at Ecruteak right now. Wait, when did he get there? Expecting that question, he bring out the Zephyr Badge.]

I've beaten Falkner hours ago and finally got the Zephyr Badge. Now I can finally ride on Vidofnir and fly to places! [Because sequence breaking is clearly the best way of tackling the gyms.] And it's rather surprising but cool that I have my own battle theme now! [~]

So anyway, that's why I'm in Ecruteak now so quickly. I will be stocking up for the trip to Mahogany in a moment.

[A pause, before he went on his next topic.]

According to the map, Mt. Mortar's in the way. Before I go, anyone with experience there can tell me what to expect? Or the trip over to Mahogany in general? I get that there will be mountain Pokemon, but what else?

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Yet another badge down!

[Atsuro grin, showing off the Plain Badge to the network.]
I won't bother asking if anyone deal with Whitney's tears...Even if I feel a bit bad for using my stronger Pokemon, since they're rather overleveled and it end up being a curbstomp battle.

[Yeah. He looks a bit thoughtful for a moment.]

While I'm still on, have anyone wonder about the types' advantages and disadvantages? Some of them make sense, like fire burning grass. But there's others that really make you think... Like Psychic over Poison. Would that mean mind over poisonous matter?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, if you don't mind.

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[Atsuro can be seen outside of Ecruteak Gym, checking the Fog Badge in his hand. His Raticate is standing next to him, all proud and making himself look big and impressive!]

Winning this badge is no sweat. Probably because my Pokemon are a bit over leveled for this gym. [A bit?] Well, now I have the badge, so I can use Surf outside of battle, along with getting the Strength HM and the Shadow Ball TM. do you guys decide which Pokemon get which TM? Some of mine are eager to have it, including Loupe here.

I won the battle, so I deserve it, Atsuro!

[Filtered to France:]
Yo, France! I'm finally here at Ecruteak! When can I take you up on that meal offer?

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Gym battle! )


[A while later, Atsuro reappear on the screen, looking much better than before. People might notice that he's at the Pokemon Center, and if they're there as well, a water bottle near him. He holds up a badge in his hand.]

Badge get! Pascal practically soloed the entire battle, everyone! Also, I got the Surf HM as well, but not the badge to use it outside of battle.

[Which seems to be the case for Atsuro, considering his sequence breaking. And yes, he's not mentioning his earlier dizzy spell.]

Gonna stay here in Olivine for a while before heading to Ecruteak, mostly so Pascal can rest up and relax from the battle.

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[Atsuro can be seen outside of the Cianwood Gym, happily congratulating his Lanturn, Growlithe and Fearow. Once again, his Clefairy, Asterisk, is filming while riding Fortran. Why yes, Atsuro did ride the ferry back to Cianwood to challenge the gym. Judging by how he is right now, it went well.]

We did it, you guys! Pascal, you're definitely great in there! [He ruffle the top of Growlithe's head.] Maybe I should order you that Fire Stone for you!

[Pascal brightens up, judging from his happy 'Growlithe!'. Still grinning, he pat Antec. He blinks when the Lanturn points with his fins. Atsuro glance over at Asterisk and Fortran.]

Oh, right! I almost forget about that!

[Reaching for something from his pocket, he pull out a badge and show it off to the PokeGear.]

Badge GET! I got the Storm Badge, guys! I wouldn't have win it without these three guys!

[His Pokemon call out at that, full of pride over the victory.]

I'll be staying in Cianwood for a bit before heading out. Then again...the beach here is rather awesome. So a 'bit' might as well be a 'while'.

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