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"Hey! This is Atsuro. Sorry that I can't answer right now. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP!"


"This is AT-LOW Apps. If you want to place a commission or ask questions, please leave a message after the beep."

(ooc: Need to contact Atsuro, ICly? Here's the post for it. Make sure to add [VOICE], [TEXT] or something in the subject (as long I know what it means), please.)
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Starting from this post [November 10th], Atsuro now works as a freelancing programmer under "AT-LOW" handle.

This post is for listing games he created, currently working on (if any) and commissions if he get hired. If you want to OOCly arrange a commission, hit up this post! ICly, hit up his PokeGear Contact post.

Welcome to AT-LOW Apps! )
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[Atsuro have been busy for the past week. Between working, training his Pokemon and chipping away at his latest programming project (a game based on one from his childhood), he didn’t have a lot of free time to himself. But lately, he feel a sense of… something foreboding in the air.

Like as if something is waiting, watching, for an opening from him. But that can’t be right… right? Maybe he’s overthinking it.

But it’s hard for him to think about it, when it seemed like his Pokemon are acting a little more unruly than before. So that would be why, after saving his work and walking away from his laptop, that Atsuro idly brought up his PokeGear and turns it on for a broadcast.

Have you ever feel like there’s something in the air, as if something is waiting to happen? Like the calm before the storm?

[For anyone paying attention, they might hear the sounds of Pokemon talking to each other. And if they can understand their language, it sounded like they’re counting down…]

Or maybe it’s the call of the road, asking me to get down and dirty by travelling again.

[3… 2… 1... GO!]

Or maybe I want to chat because I’ve been staring at programming code for far too long and needed a bre--AH!

[The view suddenly spins, as Atsuro found himself being tackled by his current Pokemon team. He dropped his PokeGear as a result, showing nothing but darkness. Mainly because it’s facing down on the floor. There’s the sounds of Atsuro’s muffled voice and questions, “what are you guys doing?” “Get off!” “Naoya, help!”.

A moment later, someone picked up the fallen PokeGear. Turning it around to show an… upside down view of a Clefable, before she turned it right way up and pointed the camera to Atsuro under a pile of five Pokemon.

Happy birthday, Atsuro. Get buried in Pokemon.
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Hello, this is Fortran.
It's been a while since I sneak onto here!
I rather not do this,
but on behalf of my most Fair and Wondrous Friend.
I am here to let you all know about Stupid Trainer's upcoming birthday._

[Even after all this time, the Porygon-Z sure doesn't stop calling its trainer that.]

June 11th.
Mark your calendar and send him presents if you know him.
Ideally, while throwing said presents into his face.
But the back of his head works as well.
He gotta keep his reflexes up._

[Why does Atsuro even keep it around...]

I guess we're staying in Goldenrod for a while.
Then just text Stupid Trainer for his location.

That's it, I guess.

...Oh yeah, Stupid Trainer's name is Atsuro Kihara.

P.S. He likes the leafiest of leafy green salads._

[No, Atsuro doesn't.]
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So my fourth (yep, 4th) anniversary of being here is coming up this weekend. Normally, I’d get all sappy and nostalgic about how long I’ve been here, as well as thinking about everything that’s just normal here compared to back home. And maybe ask for suggestions for what to do to celebrate yet another year in this world.

But I picked up one of those shiny feathers lying around earlier and I rather ask about that first.

So any ideas? Speculations? It’s the first time I see feathers like this around, so I doubt it’s a normal thing that happens. When I picked it up, I don’t feel anything different so it seems harmless.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened. On the other hand, it’d be kinda nice if just an odd case of sudden shiny feathers and nothing terrible will pop up to torment us. I think the only thing against that is it’s still April and Halloween’s far away. On the other hand, maybe the Forces That Be might switched things around because following traditions is getting boring and think things need to get mixed up!

[Atsuro, no.]

Still… It kind of say something that after a while, I try to pinpoint any patterns in these sorts of things. Like sure, it might make some things easier. But on the other hand, somehow, this place always find a way to really surprise you when you don’t expect it. Like when you think you get into a routine and starting to think everything’s normal? Surprise!

Or maybe the surprise this time is just these feathers. Who knows?

...This is rather rambly. The thought of my fourth anniversary is coming up still get to me.
[That and the dull aching homesickness.] So I guess I want to vent out my feelings into any topic.

But I’m still open to anniversary ideas. I’m in Goldenrod right now, if that helps with thinking up suggestions!

...Do you think it’s a bad idea to use these feathers as a quill pen?

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Something I just learned very recently.

Ditto smell and taste like old gum, with a bit of wild nature from the grass. I wouldn't recommend trying to taste your own Dittos, however.

[There's a story behind this, of course.]

Just be careful while on the road.

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[It’s very, very cold.

Well, why wouldn’t it be? This route is practically covered in snow. Wait, where did the snow come from? The weather is just foggy, not snowing.

Hee hoooo!

[But before anyone can ponder it for too long, snowballs are flying! It’s a snowball fight! And these strange snowmen are throwing them! (Which may be somewhat familiar looking to some people…)

Not that far from them, Atsuro can be seen playing, er, competing in the snowball fight with the Jack Frosts and hiding behind a tree. If he notices someone, he would call out to them before he throw a newly made snowball at his opponents.

Hey! Get out of there, unless you want to get hit!

[Why is he playing along? Why not? At least the Jack Frosts aren't actively trying to kill people, and he can keep an eye on them.]
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[Sometime today in Celadon Department Store...

Going into the toy section with his Klefki was, while not the worst, probably among the Top 10 bad decisions Atsuro Kihara have ever made in his life. Maybe the Top 15, at most.

So anyway, he's looking into the toys area because December is next month, which means Christmas! While it's early for Christmas shopping, Atsuro does like looking at toys. Some things are the same, or familiar but very much Pokemon-fied and others he didn't know was a thing. Plus, some of his Pokemon like the toys. It's a nice way to destress from shopping for other things in the store.

While he's distracted, his Klefki spy a shelf full of toy keys and floated over towards it. He started looking through them eagerly until...he accidentally made things fall from this shelf during his rummaging. Oops.

Eh? [That caught Atsuro's attention easily, and he turned around to see...his Klefki continuing to search through the pile of toys, boxed or not, on the ground.] What the--Mutex!?


[A while after that, the PokeGear's screen shows a Klefki looking rather pleased with himself and jingles his new keys so happily.]

...Guys, just keep a close eye on your Klefki while you're out shopping, or else you'll have to deal and possibly pay for the damages. [All of these keys come from different toys why.] Otherwise, you're basically stuck with them like this.

And please tell me yours have... [Not-toy keys? Real keys?] ...other type of keys beside these ones they get attached to.

[He feels like he jinxed himself with this back in September during a discussion.]
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[Okay, no more distractions like playing that new game or taking care of his new Pokemon. He can finally sit down and type this up when he's not braindead.]

Quick question for the network.

Did anyone get any headaches during those earthquakes a while back? I want to know if it's just a few of us, or if there's an ominous connection and it's like foreshadowing something big?

[He didn't know about the Nightmare Castle connection, yet.]
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[The video feed opens up to a house’s interior, most likely being held by a Pokemon due to the angle, height and the occasional sound from the holder. No matter where it’s pointing at, there’s a always at least one Pokemon on the screen. A couple of Pokemon seems to be heading towards the same direction...

The cameraman follows along, until they arrived at the living room full of Pokemon sitting down and listening to Atsuro telling them a story. Standing in front of him is his Glalie wearing a hat and a Chandelure with a...moustache?

It seems like Atsuro is narrating the story, and he changes his voice appropriately for the characters he’s speaking for.

Dorks and images )
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On June 11th, a young man woke up... )


[A familiar face pops up on the network, even though he’s currently hatless at the moment. He gives the PokeGear a sheepish grin. There’s a Clefairy sitting on his lap and looking up.]

So, looks like this world sent me to sleep and wake me up on my birthday. Which is kinda funny, if it didn’t make my team worried about me.

[He pauses for a moment.]

But seriously, this was one of those coma sleeps that gives you new memories when you wake up I heard about. It’s one thing to hear about other people dealing with it, but it’s another thing to experience it for yourself. It’s...well, weird going from being 20 to 17 and back here as...21?

[Help, the age thing is too weird for him.]

I guess that’s what I have to say at the moment, other than talking to the Nurse Joys about leaving. So… I’m back, guys.
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[In the light of certain events, such as how Saffron is still like an action movie and full of explosions (or mock explosions? It’s hard to tell), there’s a rather frantic text message on the network.]


[So there’s a frantic Porygon-Z capslocking on the network, because, well, Fortran was around when Atsuro fell asleep last time during the Shedinja incident. Asterisk was there at the time, back when she was a young Cleffa. So...bad memories all around.


(OOC: Atsuro's in a mod approved canon update coma! He'll be back next week on June 11th aka his birthday with postgame memories!)

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[Compared to his post last week, this one is...reasonably less silly. After all, a glance at the date told him all he needs to know. Well, he’s reminded of it again after remembering a friend’s--who’s not even here--birthday the other day.

Hahah...yet another friend’s birthday went by.

And it was so close to his anniversary here.

This is more for long time residents, but others can pitch in if they want.

I’ve been here for almost three years, with my anniversary being practically tomorrow. I could go all sappy and type out a lot of stuff here, but I guess I’m reminded of how long I’ve been here. Between travelling and staying in each cities for some time (a couple less than others, because not all of them are as convenient as the bigger cities).

I’m still travelling around Kanto right now, but once I’m done, I might get a house for my Pokemon and myself.

Basically, any suggestions or advices for seeking a house? Ideally somewhere where my bigger Pokemon can go around, but I can handle a good backyard for Unit 01 (my Golurk, by the way).

...Also, friendly to slimes from our slimey friends.


I’m looking at either Goldenrod, Celadon or Saffron because of the department stores and/or train station.

Otherwise, well, this is Atsuro Kihara, still here for the third year in a row.

[Or...less? That time when he literally blinked out of existence for a month was still freaky as hell.]
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[After the prom, Atsuro used the Ace Trainer’s services to return to Goldenrod to pick a few things up from the department stores. Other than equipments and references he needs for programming, he also pick up a Dubious Disc to study. He’s been planning on taking a look into its contents, but he haven’t save up enough until now.

Not when he’s also saving up money for a possible investment into a house for himself and his Pokemon.

It’s after he take a good look into the Dubious Disc and dig in as much as he can, that he typed up a post to the network.

Did anyone else look at what’s inside the Dubious Disc? The data inside is what cause Porygon2 to evolve into a Porygon-Z via trading. Which isn’t all that strange, since the Porygon line are made of data.

So I looked inside and I found some weird stuff. I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm it as well, or I lucked out in getting a weird copy to study.

dubious data...? )
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[One day, something shows up on the screen. It looks like a pixel sprite of something.

In the background, there seems to be falling poffins of many different colours. After a while, text begin to show up and a small Porygon is bouncing around at the corner of the screen.

Poff Poff Poff!
Poff Poff Poff!
Press the BUTTON! Poke the Poffin!
Make more Poffins!_

[It seems like someone wants people to make more Poffins. And that someone is Fortran, Atsuro’s Porygon, who’s hijacking its trainer’s PokeGear. It has been a while since it did it.]

How many will you make?
But don’t cheat or I will know, you jerks!_

[It can totally make better stuff than whatever Atsuro’s making for that programming business.

After a while, his trainer may show up...

(OOC: Poffin version of Cookie Clicker by Fortran. Warning: it’s easy to waste time on Cookie Clicker. Just let me know if you want Atsuro to pop up.)
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[Instead of a brightly lit room or the great outdoors, Atsuro seems to be inside a cave. He tug his hat down a little, almost protectively.]

So, either I’m in Mt. Mortar or Mt. Moon. If anyone asks, I have no idea how I get here from Pallet. [Beside the usual suspects. “The world did it” or “a Pokémon did it”.] Also, did anyone else got their supplies changed? I got more Potions than I remember since I did an inventory check. Calciums, too. Which I might give away since I'm pretty sure my team would get tired of having a lot of vitamins.

[He’s walking along with Asterisk out. The Clefairy seems to be at home, walking with confidence. Until they accidentally kicked a pebble.

And suddenly, Zubat swarm. Oh shi--


[Clicks. Gotta deal with these Zubats. Or run away because of the sheer numbers…!]
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[On the screen is one Atsuro Kihara, looking pretty well after he woke up from the strange and unusual coma. If there’s any signs of him being affected by it, he’s not showing it. Gotta keep being normal and all that, plus he is doing well and is back in action.

Speaking of which, he raise hand in a wave and give a grin.

Hey! Just letting you guys know I’m now starting as a freelancing programmer under AT-LOW Apps. [Did Atsuro just decided to use his usual Internet handle for this? Yes, he did.] If you ever need a program made or an app for the ‘Gear, give me a call and we can discuss the details. The commission price will be based on how difficult it is to make them, so keep that in mind if you want to do business.

[In case there’s unexpected difficulties…]

Otherwise, I’m also working on making games. You’d know if I make them if you see “AT-LOW” in the credits. If you do and give them a try, I’d appreciate feedback on them!

[Hey, he might be a good programmer, but Atsuro will admit he’s only human.]

For everyone else--[Is that another Atsuro draping over Atsuro? No worries, it’s his Zoroark. The real Atsuro leans forward a little, adjusting his stance to Cassie’s weight against his. Cassie smiles and wave at the screen.]--I got myself the Substitute TM, but I haven’t really use it that often. Anyone got some good advice or general strategies for it?
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Crystal Study )

[After exiting the room, Atsuro glance over and see the door marked with the Blue Sigil. Pausing for a moment, he scans the area for monsters before he bring out his PokeGear.]

Anyone found the room with the pink symbol door? I know there’s the yellow and blue one, which leaves just pink.

[Atsuro has been checking the general layout of the second floor and memorising it for a while. If those monsters show up again, he’d know where to run. But importantly, he haven't found the room with the Pink Sigil.]

Also, asking for anyone with a blue symbol to help me get into the blue room. In return, I can get you into the pink room once I know where to find it. And that goes for anyone who wants to get inside, too.

[He already went inside the Yellow Sigil Room yesterday, so he just have blue and pink left. Until he can find or learn where to find the pink one’s location, it’s best to enter the blue one today.

After his broadcast, Atsuro can be found standing near the Blue Sigil Room, alert and on guard for the monsters.


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