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[He have two important businesses to do today.

First of all are the Golett eggs. He promised Miyuki he’ll breed an egg for her and as he expected, his Golurk and the Ditto produced three eggs, just like last time. Guess that means he’ll look for people to take them in again.

He shows the eggs on the screen, purposely showing only two of them. One is for Miyuki, anyway.
Hey, guys! I have Golett eggs over here! They’re ground/ghost type and can learn to Fly after evolving into Golurk!

[He move the ‘Gear to show his Golurk, who give a sad wave. Hey, remember that flying robot from a while ago?]

I accept P3000 or an egg trade! [It’s higher than last time, but uh, he kind of need the money after shopping at the department store.] As well as promising to take good care of them, of course.

[Filtered to Miyuki]
Hey, Miyuki! I got an egg for you!

[His second business is more serious and private.]

[Filtered to Keisuke]
Keisuke, are you free?

[He have his suspicions. About why Keisuke starts off with two Pokemon instead of one, and why he appeared in Goldenrod and not New Bark Town. Atsuro really hopes it’s not what he thinks it is, but he really wants to be sure and clear out his suspicions.

His suspicions that Keisuke’s brought here as a Rocket, not a Trainer or a Breeder.

(OOC: All the eggs are claimed! Feel free to comment!)

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[After talking with Clive about it, Atsuro borrowed his Ditto (with permission, of course) for breeding purposes. Clive wants a Golett, so he agreed to the arrangement in exchange for a Pokemon as well.

It took some time, but the results came in: three Golett eggs.

One of them is for Clive, as agreed, which leave the other two. Considering his Golett seems to be the first one in Johto, he could charge a price for it. Money, or trades for a Pokemon or egg.

So he turns on his PokéGear and dialled up Clive’s number.]

[Private video to Clive:]

Hey, the eggs are finally here! I set one aside for you!

[After that, he ready himself for a public broadcast. He purposely show only two of the three eggs. The third one’s for Clive, anyway.]

Hey, everyone! I got some Golett eggs here. I’m happy enough with my own Golett, so I want these guys to go to a good home and trainer or breeder. If you want to know what they look like, Golett looks like this. [The screen moves to show his Golett.] As for payment...I accept trades or money! I say about...3000, if you want to go the money route.

[Hey, do you see any other Golett in Johto before? No? Then that’s why.]

As for Golett...they're a ground/ghost type and they can throw a pretty mean punch after some training!

[Hearing that, his Golett do an arm pump. Oh yeah, it's punches are the best!]

(ooc: All three eggs are claimed already by Clive, Asura and Otacon. Everyone else are free to comment on the weird looking eggs. Or the ghost robot thing.)