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[Okay, no more distractions like playing that new game or taking care of his new Pokemon. He can finally sit down and type this up when he's not braindead.]

Quick question for the network.

Did anyone get any headaches during those earthquakes a while back? I want to know if it's just a few of us, or if there's an ominous connection and it's like foreshadowing something big?

[He didn't know about the Nightmare Castle connection, yet.]
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Yet another badge down!

[Atsuro grin, showing off the Plain Badge to the network.]
I won't bother asking if anyone deal with Whitney's tears...Even if I feel a bit bad for using my stronger Pokemon, since they're rather overleveled and it end up being a curbstomp battle.

[Yeah. He looks a bit thoughtful for a moment.]

While I'm still on, have anyone wonder about the types' advantages and disadvantages? Some of them make sense, like fire burning grass. But there's others that really make you think... Like Psychic over Poison. Would that mean mind over poisonous matter?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, if you don't mind.

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