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[After the prom, Atsuro used the Ace Trainer’s services to return to Goldenrod to pick a few things up from the department stores. Other than equipments and references he needs for programming, he also pick up a Dubious Disc to study. He’s been planning on taking a look into its contents, but he haven’t save up enough until now.

Not when he’s also saving up money for a possible investment into a house for himself and his Pokemon.

It’s after he take a good look into the Dubious Disc and dig in as much as he can, that he typed up a post to the network.

Did anyone else look at what’s inside the Dubious Disc? The data inside is what cause Porygon2 to evolve into a Porygon-Z via trading. Which isn’t all that strange, since the Porygon line are made of data.

So I looked inside and I found some weird stuff. I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm it as well, or I lucked out in getting a weird copy to study.

dubious data...? )