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"Hey! This is Atsuro. Sorry that I can't answer right now. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP!"


"This is AT-LOW Apps. If you want to place a commission or ask questions, please leave a message after the beep."

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Gym battle! )


[A while later, Atsuro reappear on the screen, looking much better than before. People might notice that he's at the Pokemon Center, and if they're there as well, a water bottle near him. He holds up a badge in his hand.]

Badge get! Pascal practically soloed the entire battle, everyone! Also, I got the Surf HM as well, but not the badge to use it outside of battle.

[Which seems to be the case for Atsuro, considering his sequence breaking. And yes, he's not mentioning his earlier dizzy spell.]

Gonna stay here in Olivine for a while before heading to Ecruteak, mostly so Pascal can rest up and relax from the battle.

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[Atsuro can be seen outside of the Cianwood Gym, happily congratulating his Lanturn, Growlithe and Fearow. Once again, his Clefairy, Asterisk, is filming while riding Fortran. Why yes, Atsuro did ride the ferry back to Cianwood to challenge the gym. Judging by how he is right now, it went well.]

We did it, you guys! Pascal, you're definitely great in there! [He ruffle the top of Growlithe's head.] Maybe I should order you that Fire Stone for you!

[Pascal brightens up, judging from his happy 'Growlithe!'. Still grinning, he pat Antec. He blinks when the Lanturn points with his fins. Atsuro glance over at Asterisk and Fortran.]

Oh, right! I almost forget about that!

[Reaching for something from his pocket, he pull out a badge and show it off to the PokeGear.]

Badge GET! I got the Storm Badge, guys! I wouldn't have win it without these three guys!

[His Pokemon call out at that, full of pride over the victory.]

I'll be staying in Cianwood for a bit before heading out. Then again...the beach here is rather awesome. So a 'bit' might as well be a 'while'.

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[The PokeGear seems to be filming from the air, as Asterisk the Cleffa carry it while riding Fortran the Porygon. Atsuro smiles and wave at them, while a Lanturn, Nidorina and a Spearow can be seen near him. Both the Lanturn and Nidorina are talking with each other, while the Spearow just fly around.]

Yo! Atsuro here, still way over at Cianwood. Not much happened since my last broadcast, well, beside me going to the Safari Zone for some Pokemon and some evolutions. But other than that, nothing much. Though, I am gonna catch the ferry tomorrow for Olivine.

[As long all goes well. He looks at his Lanturn.]

Antec here evolved last week into a Lanturn. [Don't ask how the fish can move around on land. Don't.] Still the same as always, just look different now!

There's Agena over here, my Nidorina. She was a female Nidoran, but she evolved recently.
[Dude, where did Atsuro get these name ideas from?

Still smiling, he looks around and his eyes following his Spearow

And lastly, there's my Spearow... [He pause, seems to have notice something off screen.] Eh? What's tha...

[He didn't get a chance to finish it, before he suddenly fall to the ground.]

Lanturn? [Eh?]

Clef...Cleffa? Cleffa!

[Asterisk drop the PokeGear, as Fortran hovers over to join the other Pokemon around their fallen trainer.]

(ooc: Soulnapped! Expect replies from worried and frantic Pokemon. Anyone in Cianwood is free to [action] it up.)
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[The screen shows a very confused looking Atsuro.]

Atsuro here. Did anyone found out what happened over the last few days? Somehow, I black out and found myself in Cianwood.

[He glance at something, off-screen, before turning his attention back.]

All I know was that I apparently trained Ada enough that she evolved into a Mightyena now, and I don't recall it.


So for now, I'll be taking the ferry out of here later.

[Why later? Because Atsuro want to explore Cianwood a little and maybe check out the gym. He won't challenge it right now, but at least he can try to get information.]

Filtered to Hiro, Naoya, Gemini )
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[It is now evening. While Atsuro went to another room to handle some things at the Violet City Inn, Fortran the Porygon noticed that its trainer left the PokeGear behind.

After checking that no one else is around, it floats over to the utterly lonely and defenceless PokeGear.

And went in.

To anyone that's checking the various channels, they might come across...this.

> ... )

[After a while later, Atsuro would eventually return to get his PokeGear.]

What the--Hey!

(ooc: So, you can either reply to Fortran having fun and probably sending you nonsensical (or is it?) replies, after Atsuro manage to get the 'Gear back under control or action it up if you're in the area.)
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[Atsuro's mostly started this video to let Daisuke know about the Porygon egg, and, well, showing off his team so far to the network. Which means going outside and filming his Pokemon with his 'Gear.]

Hey, Daisuke! My Porygon hatched a while ago and it's doing pretty well! I'm thinking of naming it Fortran.

[Yes, Fortran and no, he won't go for the obvious 'Polygon'. He move the 'Gear to show Porygon floating not far from him...while Cleffa's riding on its back. Yes, his young Cleffa is riding on Porygon's back and the artificial Pokemon is floating around, gently and smoothly.]

Those two seems to be getting along well, too. Asterisk's rather shy, so I'm glad they can be friends.


Antec, you can have your turn on Fortran...if it let you on. [Then the video moves down to show a Rattata next to Atsuro's feet. He's tugging at the trainer's pants with his teeth.] Loupe here's doing great as well. Though...he eats a lot, so I'll be looking into getting a job... Wait, let me guess, you want a snack?

[Even with his money managing skill, he don't want to run out at this rate. Geez.]

Alright, in a moment. Now, Antec's doing great, just waiting for his turn on Fortran. Man, he seems to want to try a lot of things...

[Then, he moves the 'Gear to finally show his Growlithe and Poochyena. Both canines are currently having a intense staring contest with each other. With determination.]

Some of you guys might remember them from last time, but they're Pascal and Ada. I'm pretty sure they think of each other as rivals.

[Okay, now there's growling.]

...Yeah, pretty sure. So that's my team so far. I won't be tackling the gym challenge any time soon, maybe until everyone here's strong enough for--Loupe, you can wait a little longer!

[The Rattata's been tugging at his pants, so Atsuro cut off the feed to deal with him. To anyone in Violet, they might see Atsuro dealing with his Rattata and talking to him. Or they might see Asterisk riding on Fortran.]
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[Hello, Johto! Are you having a good day? Hope you don't mind hearing some surprised 'what the--?!' from your PokeGear.]

Whoa, seriously? All three of them...? [Atsuro can be seen kneeling down on the floor, looking at his newly hatched Growlithe and Poochyena. There's a Cleffa in his arms, who is clinging close to him, as he wonders how to handle his new Pokemon. Especially since his Poochyena attempts to bite Growlithe, who growls back.]

Hey, take it easy!


[Apparently, Antec got a hold of his PokeGear and is holding onto it to film his trainer trying to deal with Growlithe and Poochyena, as Cleffa clings hard to him.]

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[After 'Mom' rushed him out of the house (which was really strange, since she's not his real, hard working mother), Atsuro's been checking out the PokeGear, studying its functions and basically memorising which buttons does what.

Soon, the video feed turns on, as he expected

...Okay, it should be on now! [There’s the sound of a happy ‘Chinchou!’, too. Atsuro looks down at the Pokemon, still in shock, as well as...giddy and worried. He knows Pokemon, he especially played the games, so it’s a pleasant surprise to find himself in New Bark Town...his apparent home town?]

So anyone’s watching this? You don’t mind answering some of my questions? ‘cuz I want to be sure about some things.

[Is he really in New Bark Town for real, or is this all an illusion? A dream, maybe? Even if a part of him was happy to see Pokemon (even if this one was unfamiliar), he can’t help but be worried and feel unnerved. His speculative side takes over, thinking of possible ideas on ‘how’ and ‘why’.]

Do you know how I can get back to Tokyo? And is it normal to hear music like this? [Maybe he’s the odd one out here and everyone will think he’s weird for not thinking the music’s normal.] ...I’m probably weird for asking these stuff, huh?


So yeah, I’ll be grateful for any answers!


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