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Hello, this is Fortran.
It's been a while since I sneak onto here!
I rather not do this,
but on behalf of my most Fair and Wondrous Friend.
I am here to let you all know about Stupid Trainer's upcoming birthday._

[Even after all this time, the Porygon-Z sure doesn't stop calling its trainer that.]

June 11th.
Mark your calendar and send him presents if you know him.
Ideally, while throwing said presents into his face.
But the back of his head works as well.
He gotta keep his reflexes up._

[Why does Atsuro even keep it around...]

I guess we're staying in Goldenrod for a while.
Then just text Stupid Trainer for his location.

That's it, I guess.

...Oh yeah, Stupid Trainer's name is Atsuro Kihara.

P.S. He likes the leafiest of leafy green salads._

[No, Atsuro doesn't.]
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[One day, something shows up on the screen. It looks like a pixel sprite of something.

In the background, there seems to be falling poffins of many different colours. After a while, text begin to show up and a small Porygon is bouncing around at the corner of the screen.

Poff Poff Poff!
Poff Poff Poff!
Press the BUTTON! Poke the Poffin!
Make more Poffins!_

[It seems like someone wants people to make more Poffins. And that someone is Fortran, Atsuro’s Porygon, who’s hijacking its trainer’s PokeGear. It has been a while since it did it.]

How many will you make?
But don’t cheat or I will know, you jerks!_

[It can totally make better stuff than whatever Atsuro’s making for that programming business.

After a while, his trainer may show up...

(OOC: Poffin version of Cookie Clicker by Fortran. Warning: it’s easy to waste time on Cookie Clicker. Just let me know if you want Atsuro to pop up.)
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Never expected to end up on a museum’s roof during that craziness. And stuck there for a while.

[The camera shows movements, as Atsuro walks down the stairs in the museum to the lower floors. He turns his ‘Gear to show some of the exhibits, as well as his Clefairy looking at some of them, before turning the screen to his face.]

I take it most people end up somewhere else entirely? I went from Fuchsia to...Pewter, I think. I’ll check in a moment. [Ah, there’s the reception area.] Where did you guys end up in? You get bonus points if you have a funny story to go with it. Even if you don’t have a funny story, just tell me anyway. I’m curious.

[Is he forgetting something?]

Oh yeah. Today’s also my birthday! I’d probably eat out with my Pokemon later. [Give the birthday boy guy your birthday greetings! Asterisk runs over to him, giving her trainer a celebratory cry. Happy birthday, Atsuro!] Thanks, Asterisk.

...It’s kinda weird to think I’m twenty years old already... If I was back home right now, I would be attending college right now and getting ready to enter the workforce.

Lemme spring up another question, if you're home right now, what would you be doing at your current age?
[So at some point in the afternoon, a text post appear on the network.]

NAME: Atsuro Kihara
SEX: Male
AGE: 19 20
OFFERS: Company, weirdness, programming skills, being a good house husband
SEEKING: One person to date him. Guy or girl. At least near his age or looks like it. Stupid trai He needs to date someone.

Please respond if interested._

[Guess whose Porygon went inside the PokeGear...

Some time after that post went up, another text appear.

Please ignore that post! My Porygon put it up, not me!