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[April 18th.

It’s been a year since he arrived in Johto. Since he woke up in New Bark Town, greeted cheerfully by “Mom” and ushered out on his journey with Antec, his starter.

Antec, who used to be his quirky Chinchou. Now he’s an Lanturn, still quirky as ever with how he continue confused his trainer. What with how the water type Pokemon can manoeuvre on land. But after many months, Atsuro have gotten used to the sight.

That morning, he went to the Pokemon Center and switched his team around to his first, six Pokemon: Antec, Loupe, Asterisk, Pascal, Ada and Fortron. None of them as Fly-users, but he doesn’t mind. The young programmer isn’t planning on flying anywhere, just yet.

Exiting the Pokemon Center, Atsuro walks out with Antec next to him. The Lanturn follows his trainer, a bit confused but doesn’t speak up. Yet.
] You know what today is, Antec?

Lanturn? [Well, no?]

...Today’s the day when we first met. [Standing at the entrance, facing Route 34, he makes his way over toward where the water is. A moment later, he let out his entire team. A Raticate, a Clefairy, Arcanine, Mightyena and a Porygon join his Lanturn. His team, his first, original team, watches their trainer. Only Antec, as his most loyal and longest Pokemon partner, knows what’s going on.

And then, Atsuro crouches down next to his starter and hug him.
] Happy anniversary, Antec. I’m glad to have you and everyone as my Pokemon.

[His team watch, before they come closer to their trainer for a group hug. Happy anniversary, Atsuro.

Well, okay, it might be a bit hard for some of them to hug him but there’s snuggling and all around happy feeling sharing.

Although, this might be a strange sight to see for anyone wandering nearby. Whoops.
[Later on, while watching his Pokemon play by the water, Atsuro stare at his PokeGear and before he finally turns it on.]

Happy anniversary, everyone. Today marks my first full year in Johto, for those who don’t know. I’m gonna aim for Kanto’s gyms next, but I won’t be leaving any time soon. So if you need me, I’ll still be here in Goldenrod.

...But I’m wondering about something. After getting all the badges from both Johto and Kanto, what’s next?

[Filtered to Souji]
Yo, Souji. I’m swinging by.


Hope you don’t mind having a nerd coming over to the Breeding Center for you.